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Nike CR7 Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Revealed and Reviewed

This time last year Nike began to release the first shoe in their line of top range boots designed and inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo. Since then, these shoes have set the standard in football fashion with their bright and daring designs and this latest pair are no different. After weeks of anticipation, Nike have finally released the first images of the new Nike CR7 Superfly III and its destined to be be the most talked about design this season. Here at soccerprose.com we are lucky enough to have an advanced releases which we have been testing and thought we’d give you the run down on them.

The design of these shoes is one of the most unique to hit the market since Nike released their multi-color Gato back in 2008. The Superfly version of these Vapor soccer cleats features thick black stripes running along he side of the shoes towards the bottom, framed in voltage cherry, with the signature Nike Swoosh. The opposite side of these cleats features ultra thin black pinstripes with another voltage cherry swoosh that really pops against the grayed out background. The truly unique feature of these shoes is the mirrored coloring on both cleats. Essentially, the instep of one shoes has the thicker stripes, and the other shoe features them on the outside of the boot. Whether you love the look of these shoes or hate them, their is no other pair of soccer shoes on the market that feature anything that look even close to this, and they look pretty good on the pitch from what we’ve seen so far.

These soccer boots also feature the same cutting edge technology that has made the Superfly line so popular the world over. The upper of these shoes is made form Nike’s Teijin synthetic leather which provides excellent ball feel, reinforced with Flywire to allow for a greater reduction in weight. The Nike Flywire also serves provide a better fit for these shoes as you break them, helping the upper stay tight to your foot and preventing it from losing too much of its shape. They’re also superlight, tipping the scales at just 210 grams, which allows for explosive speed. Basically, these soccer shoes are built for the speed forward who wants to run down the line on a through ball and stick a shot in the lower corner of the goal.

Once broken in, these shoes are about as comfortable as the leather seats in a Lamborghini, and you won’t be disappointed with the insoles. Made form PORON, they provide gel like comfort with the weight of a feather, and won’t wear out quickly. I found them to be more than adequate for any game, but you probably don’t want to wear these shoes in your 2 hour long practices.

As we all know, all the technology you might find in a pair of soccer shoes doesn’t count for much without the cleats on the bottom. After all, its hard to explosive speed without rock solid stability and excellent traction. Fortunately, the cleats on the CR7 Superfly III won’t let you down here. Overall, the TPU injected cleats on these boots provide excellent stability and I didn’t feel my feet slipping when I tried to change direction, which can be a real problem with some other high end boots. One other feature on these shoes is the adaptive traction sense studs on the forefoot that extend up to 3mm on wet surfaces, and retract on harder ground to give you ideal grip on any surface.

The new Nike CR7 Superfly III is a great pair of soccer shoes for the speedy striker who likes to play like CR7, and the technology included in them is truly stunning. The upper provides good ball control and a snug fit, the insoles are comfortable, and the cleats provide great traction. They’re also stunning to look at and if you’re wearing them on the pitch you’ll definitely be noticed, but for some people the design may be a deal breaker. Like all synthetic soccer shoes, they also take a few games to really break in, but once they are, you’ll be happy with the fit and feel. The main issue with these shoes is the fact they’ll run you $400, but I honestly think that they are worth it for the pro-level player. Love them or hate them, they’re good enough for Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet to they’ll probably work just fine for you.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

adidas adi5 X – Neo Iron Metallic Review

When I’m tired of dominating the pitch outside, I like to take my game inside for a change of pace. And while my skills allow me to get away with wearing any cleat inside, I do prefer to switch from a hard-ground cleat to an indoor, or turf shoe when I go inside. So when we got in these new adi5 X soccer shoes, I was pretty excited to say the least, and not just because reviewing it gets me out of other work.

Physical Attributes

This shoe is very well constructed for comfort and performance. With an upper made with a Highly Abrasion-Resistant Synthetic Overlay for extra protection in the toes, these adi5’s also have a Touch
Compound Grid for enhanced control when you have the ball at your feet. An adiPRENE insert midsole allows for shock absorption and comfort, which is something you will immediately notice with these shoes on. The outsole contains multiple studs for extra ground contact which helps when you want to cut hard in any direction. The physical attributes are not only noticed when wearing the shoe, but can be seen in your game when using them.


To be completely honest (and what kind of blog review would this be if I wasn’t), this is one of the more comfortable shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. The initial reaction is a little strange, as you can feel each little rubber stud when you step. However, after take a few steps, that feeling quickly goes away and you are left with a very comfortable stride. The inside has extra padding in the heel and on the bottom of the tongue so that your foot is completely surrounded with cushioning. In fact, this shoe is so comfortable that I would consider wearing it as an every day, cross-training casual shoe.


The only critique I have is the coloring. But I must preface that by saying I have never been a fan of bright colored shoes (poor preface, seeing as it came after my initial statement, but you get the idea). While the shoe is mostly black and gray, the “infrared” coloring around the base is enough to bother me. However, I have been told my esteemed colleagues that this shoe does come in other colors, so there is some hope for my relationship with these shoes yet.

Overall, this adi5 indoor shoe is a great shoe! With a specialized Touch Compound on the toe for extra control and amazing comfort, this is one of the best indoor shoes I have seen. So if you’re like me, and playing outdoors is no longer a challenge for you, then check out the adi5 X indoor shoes and take your game to the next level. For only $59.99 at SoccerPro.com, this is one shoe that’s hard to beat.

Written by: Wil, incredible indoors, soccerprose.com

Puma v5.11 i FG – Fluorescent Green Review

I hope everyone had a solid Memorial Day weekend (and for any international readers—I hope you had a great weekend as well!), and hopefully I can lighten up your return to work with a review of Puma’s new Puma V5.11 FG soccer shoes in the fluo green and midnight navy colorway. I honestly believe Puma made some solid improvements to the boots, and it could definitely sway some people into the Puma camp. Alright, let’s do this.

The first thing you’ll notice about these boots, I think, is the low weight and the comfort. My feet felt a little too crammed in last season’s boots, but these V5.11 boots did the trick. I felt no excessive amount of pressure on any part of my foot, and the boots didn’t feel unusually stiff at all; the upper was a little tight around the top of my foot, but that’s to be expected in any new boots. The boot length seems to run fairly true to size. In a size 9, my normal size, my toes still had about a half inch or so of room. You may want to try a half size up, though, just in case. The insole is also a good balance between giving and supportive. Your foot won’t sink into it, but it isn’t like standing on a rock, either. What really allows these boots to be lightweight is the synthetic polyurethane upper. Now, I’ve made my affinity for leather boots pretty well known, but the corollary isn’t necessarily that I hate synthetics. I like that Puma went with the PU upper because it offers lightweight capabilities while keeping cost down. The only disadvantage with the synthetic, to me, is that it won’t really conform to your foot as much as a leather upper—that said, though, you’ll still find these boots highly comfortable throughout their lifespan. As for the cleat shape and design, well, it’s more or less the same, except they’ve been thinned out a bit. The issue with last season’s cleats was that they wore down alarmingly quick. I think that won’t be a problem this time due to reduced surface area and less friction.

I know for at least some of you out there, style is just as important as performance. These boots are stylish, man. I’ll admit to some apprehension when I first got them out of the box, but once these boots were on my feet, I really loved the look. The lustrous fluorescent green, which is a lot like the green of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ice cream, works extremely well with the navy. The best improvement in my mind is the newly stylized Puma cat design. Rather than being a separately stitched design, the cat flows with the boot and utilizes a two color design of navy and white. The white aspects are inside the basic navy cat and provide a sleek element to the boot that really ups the boot’s aesthetic appeal. While the cleats are the same green as the upper, the navy soleplate provides a necessary barrier between the two, and it absolutely complements the boot perfectly. The boot design is no longer confused and cumbersome—it’s sleek and confident. Bravo, Puma.

You can expect to pay between $44.99 and $49.99 for a pair of these boots, which is more than fair if you’re playing slightly competitive ball. If you’re playing college ball or something equivalent, you may want to look a step up, but make sure you give the new Puma soccer shoes a shot.

Written by: Kris Dyer, leading ornithology expert, soccerprose.com

adidas F50 adiZero TRX FG Synthetic – Anodized Purple with Electricity and Infrared Review

Why Hello! I’m Kendra one of the new SoccerProse writers, meaning I have officially sold my soul to the soccer devil, and I love it! But enough about me, onto the new adizero cleat. When the adizero TRX F50 synthetic cleat was first pulled out the box one of the boys exclaimed “It looks like I’m walking down the strip” and now thinking about it, I’d have to agree. This shoe could go on in a Las Vegas show and fit right in! Even though this shoe is very brightly colored it deserves more attention for more than its flashiness but for the attention and quality that went into this shoe!

I have never been a fan of women’s cleat so I have always had the struggle of finding the conversion between a men’s cleat and a women’s cleat. I’m a size 11 and normally fit into a men’s 10-10.5. I tried on a 10 and found that it fit well on the sides but was entirely too long and my foot was sliding forward and backward. So make sure you have the chance to actually try these cleats on because they are sized a little differently. The synthetic material made this cleat really easy to break in which is always nice when you get a new pair of spike, you don’t have a lot to worry about when going from those old cleats to the new ones.

The upper part of the shoe is synthetic making this shoe really light and super thin. I normally like a shoe that has a little more to it but for the person looking to increase speed and likes a super light shoe than I would highly recommend it! The Lightness allows for a really good natural feel for the ball that will be hard to rival. Its side lacing helps with the feel of the ball so your foot makes more contact with the ball than the laces do!

The insoles of the soccer shoe are made up of ultra-light sock liner which adds virtually no weight to the shoe and allows for a really nice even on the first time you wear the shoe. What’s really nice is that if you’re not a fan of the fit of the sock liner adidas provides another sock liner for extra support if needed.

The firm ground cleats have a good length and if treated correctly (avoiding concrete) will last you a long time! They are made for the speedster making quick stop and flashy moves!

Though this shoe is on the higher end of the price bracket at $179.99, if you invest in this cleat you will not be let down! It’ll last you a long time and not let you down in what you’re looking for! I’d suggest this shoe for any midfielder or forward who is known for speed and skill! This cleat is highly recommended round of applause to adidas for coming out with such an awesome cleat!

Written by: Kendra, girls soccer guru, soccerprose.com

Adidas F50 Adizero TRX FG White/Blue/Slime Review

Well, Adidas have come out with another color of the F50 adizeros and I have to say I like these boots a lot better than the anodized purple version. Some people like really flashy boots, some people like more traditional boots, but for me, I like modern technology on a pair of boots with some color, but not so much I feel like I’m wearing clown shoes. That’s why I like these so much; the white background is bright, but no absurdly so, and the blue and green slime really pop against it.

The shoes themselves are comfortable, especially if you use the comfort insoles that come in the box. I find I don’t really need them, but if you’ve got a lot of games on the same day, you might want to put them in to keep away the aches in your heels and forefoot. The upper fits really well, but they do need at least a training session to break them in. The feeling of the Sprint skin upper is really unique, as its so thin, and gives you a great touch on the ball.

The upper is also pretty durable, and since its synthetic it holds its color a lot better than a leather shoe. The midsole is also great as its has an EVA sock liner so your feet won’t get all clammy and the shoes won;t slip around on your feet in wet conditions. They also have really low water uptake as they are mostly plastic.

The cleat pattern is very stable, and works well. the geometric patterning seems to provide exactly what its supposed to and I’ve never had a problem with slipping or siding during games. the sole plate also give great energy return and almost pushes you forward when your running. Especially when you are accelerating off your toes.

Overall, they’re a great pair of soccer shoes, and I really like to colors. At $200, they aren’t cheap, but compared to the $400 Nike Superflys they’re a good deal for an elite level pair of soccer shoes.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

Adidas Women’s Adipure IV TRX FG Review

Well girls here I sit with the pinnacle of Adidas heritage soccer shoes in front of me, and I have to say, I’m impressed by the Women’s Adipure IV. The F30’s are great if you like synthetic shoes, but for all you girl who’ll only wear leather, these are the boots for you. They are going feature in the upcoming women’s World Cup, so you know they are going to be top quality.

The upper of the shoes is made from kangaroo leather, but not the endangered ones, and has all of the same features you’d expect. The leather is super soft, and gives you a great feel for the ball as it forms to your foot like a gloves after you break them in. Its white almost all over, with blue accents around the lace holes and the shoe pull on the heel. It also has some lime green color on the cleats and where the heel meets the heel cup. And the silver Adidas stripes really make these flashy.

The midsole, aka the inside of the shoe is anatomically molded with an EVA insole. This insole has extra an cushion insert in its heel for comfort and shock absorption and its my favorite part of these shoes. My heel often aches I finish a game, and with this nifty littel insert it doesn’t bother me at all. The molded insole also means the shoes fit true to size, which is really rare for women’s shoes period, let alone cleats, and they are definitely the best fitting soccer shoes I’ve ever worn.

The cleats themselves are balded, and in the same pattern as the men’s Adipure IV’s. I don;t really have any complaints or observations on them. They’re not all futuristic like the ones on the Adizeros, but they get the job done and really thats all you want of them. The sole plate is lightweight, and the whole shoe feel light on your feet.

Overall, they look good, feel better, and work great as soccer cleats for any women playing the game and they’re only $94.99. I recommend them for any position, I play midfield, and they work great.

Written by: Christie, futbol fashionista, soccerprose.com

Nike Youth Mercurial Glide II FG – Photo Blue Review

Attention, parents: the new Nike Youth Mercurial Glide soccer shoes are here in the blue and orange colorway. I have no doubt that your kids will be asking about these boots, so allow me to help you become more familiar with the boots! These boots are not only light and soft, owing to the synthetic upper and the contoured sock liner, but they are also durable and protective. The boots are cut fairly low, but they still cover the top of the foot and just underneath the ankle; there’s a low chance that your child will get swiped where the foot and ankle meet, and we all know how badly that can hurt. The boots also have a strong heel cup for those all-too-common mis-kicks to the heel.

Aside from this, the boots also provide greater acceleration than most boots given their cleat pattern—the “teeth” at the toe allows your player to get that little extra dig in the ground just as they push off with the foot, so he or she will have that extra bit of speed to get past a defender. Now, the price tag of these bad boys is $59.99, which I understand is a little steep for youth boots. However, these boots will be great until your child grows out of them, and I’d wager they’ll be great hand-me-downs for the younger ones.

There are certainly cheaper youth boots on the market, but you might end up having to buy two pairs before the season is up. Instead, I’d give the Glides a go—they’ll be worth it.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com

Puma v1.10 i FG – White with Black and Royal Review

If you’re in the market for a mid-range priced boot that offers solid protection, stability and durability, then allow me to recommend a pair to check out. Puma’s v1.10 boots offer a high level of protection, owing much of this to the sturdy heel cup and the microfiber construction. You’d think the boots would be heavy given their construction and thickness, but Puma managed to keep the boots relatively lightweight without sacrificing the protective aspects. Another benefit of the microfiber construction is its performance in wet conditions. Leather boots and other synthetics will soak up water during wet games, and we all know how much that extra weight sucks to lug around towards the end of the match.

I’d like to take a minute (just sit right there…) to tell you about my favorite part of the shoe—the soleplate and cleats. The soleplate, combined with the insole, allows for great arch support, which I don’t think you find in many other shoes. Along with this, the bladed cleats and their positioning provide an excellent amount of balance and stability for your feet. The cluster of thick cleats at the heel give you plenty of balance when making cuts, whether as a defenseman or as a striker. The pattern on the front of the foot is basically an outline of cleats with two horizontal cleats in the middle. The thickness of the cleats gives you more surface area to grip the field with while the two center cleats provide more support for, yup, cutting and turning. All-in-all, the shoe is sturdy and built to last, even in wet conditions.

Right now, these boots are $99 at soccerpro.com, which is a great price for the quality of the boot. Not only is it durable, but it’s also flashy, which I know some of you out there are all about. The toe has a lustrous white stitched material with a white cat outlined in blue on the inside. The outside of the boot is dominated by the blue and white puma swoop, designed in a grid fashion. The shoe looks good, people. As I said, if you’re in the market for a mid-range boot of great quality, check out these bad boys!

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com

Nike CTR360 Libretto II IC Gold Cup – Gold Review

The CTR360 line of boots, both indoor and outdoor, from Nike has been a smash it over the past several months, and I look for this trend to continue with the release of the new metallic gold and black colorway for the Nike CTR360 Libretto II indoor shoes. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too keen on them at first glance, but I’m glad to report that I was wrong. These boots will prove to be solid performing boots with a certain attractiveness to their style.

The upper of these boots is separated into two sections of gold and black by a diagonal black line of rubber which extends from mid-laces to the heel. From the toe to mid lace, the boot is a lustrous gold while the back part of the shoe is black. The classic Nike Swoosh makes an appearance both on the outside part of the foot and on the inside of the heel, which I think provides a solid aesthetic balance. The look of the boot is pretty simplistic in its design, but I really like the colors chosen. On first glance, the gold seemed a little off putting, but I’ve definitely come around. It’s just the right luster and brightness to border that line between stylish and obnoxious, but it doesn’t cross the line.

Looks aside, there are some structural aspects about these soccer boots that I really dig. The toe, for instance, is stitched along with a suede strip double stitched across the toe, which will provide plenty of durability and stability on the unforgiving indoor surface. I’ve had many pairs unravel at the toe because there just simply wasn’t enough material there to keep it from wearing down. The heel also has an extra layer of material stitched in for, you guessed it, added structural support and protection. I’m also a fan of the sole plate because it balances rigidity and flexibility without feeling fragile or frail. Basically, this is a study, durable boot that also provides excellent comfort with its insole. The shoes do feel a smidge snug in terms of width when you first put a pair on, but this is to be expected with new shoes. After a little bit of wear, they’ll stretch a bit and be more comfortable for your foot. There’s also plenty of arch support, so no worries on that front. Other than that, they fit pretty true to size—I fit comfortably into a size 9, though my feet are done growing. If your feet are still growing, you may consider trying a half size up just to see how they fit. You should expect to pay between $50 and $55 for a pair of these boots, which is a solid price if you plan on playing fairly regularly. Even if you aren’t planning on playing regularly, they can still serve as sweet recreation shoes for just walking around and whatnot. In any case, $50 isn’t too bad a price to pay for a pair of shoes that will last quite some time!

Written by: Kris Dyer, tacit speech giver, soccerprose.com

Adidas F50 Adizero TRX FG Leather- Anodized Purple with Electricity Review

Adidas have released a new color of the Adidas F50 Adizero, and they’re defiantly going to stand out. There purple, and I mean really purple, with highlighter green, and a deep fluorescent red color called Infrared. The colors work together quite well, and look really good on the pitch as they really stand out against the grass.

Since they’re leather, these soccer boots are very durable, which can be a problem for other super-light synthetics. The upper is made of Goleo calf-leather, which provides a snug fit and a leather touch, but still only weights in at 165 grams. The midsole contains an ultra light midsole inlay which feels good on the tops of your feet and prevents nay rubbing or blisters on the back of your heel. These soccer shoes also come with a second pair of comfort sockliners in the box. I wore mine for training, and I didn’t need them, but its nice to have the option if I ever decide to go with them.

The sprint frame construction in these Adidas F50’s is supposed to use geometrically shaped cleats to provide you with the perfect balance between light weight and optimal stability. Now I don’t know a lot about geometry, maths not really my bag, but the studs are very stable, and I’ve got no complaints about the traction they allow. The bottom studs are designed with new stud shapes to maximize speed, acceleration, and traction in wet or dry conditions.

Overall, they’re a great pair of boots, and the color is flashy, but class. At $199.99, they’re not cheap, but should last for a quite a while as they’re leather.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG – Gold Cup – Gold with Black and White Review

It’s that time again, the new color of the Nike CTR 360 Maestris has just made it out of the bag and onto the web and its time for me to give my favorite pair of cleats a run out. The first thing you notice about the CTR 360’s when you see them on the shelf is the the touch pads and striking colors. The first color, red and white, made waves, but I’m sure it will pale in comparison to these black and gold monsters.

The CTR 360 is the Cadillac of soccer shoes, and just cause it has fins. The touchpads on the front of these boots are made of memory foam, and serve to dampen the impact of the ball on your foot giving you a better touch on the ball. There are also fined touch pods on the instep of the shoe, which help you get a hold of the ball when you are passing letting you more accurately distribute you passes. Its also got a Kanga-lite upper, which is doubles stitched to hold up over time, and won’t get as heavy when you play in wet conditions.

The insole and interiors of the shoe has to be one of the most comfortable I’ve ever tried on. I mean these things put my running shoes to shame. The sockliner is think all over, but not heavy, and is made from the same memory foam material as the fore foot touch pads making the boots feel light and snug, but airy on your feet. The insoles are also soft, and you can’t feel the cleats through the sole at all, even on concrete.

One of the best features of the CTR 360 Maestri come on the outsole. The thermoplastic carbon-composite chassis is engineered and reinforced for strength and energy return. This means that you don’t need to expend as much energy to get going in these boots, and you’ll actually feel them pushing back against the bottom of your foot as you run. The direct-inject, bladed TPU studs are great for traction and stability while you are making quick turns and trying to accelerate.

Overall, they’re the best pair of soccer cleats Nike have come out with this season, and at $179.99, they’re worth every penny.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

The Best, Most Overlooked, Most Affordable Soccer Shoe This Year: The Umbro GT Pro

Umbro used to be the premier soccer manufacturer in the world, they pioneered fitted soccer jerseys and shoes after all, but recently they have fallen on hard times. Last year they were bought by Nike, and since then they have totally revamped their product line integrating Nike technology. The first Umbro shoe to sport Nike tech, is the Umbro GT Pro, and I have to say its the best soccer cleat under $150 that I’ve seen in years.

The upper is made from the same Teijin leather as the Nike Superfly, its got touch pads modeled of the CTR360 Maestri on the instep of the toe, and the same cleat pattern as the venerable Tiempo Legends. But, its still an Umbro shoe at heart, and sports the best piece of tech they have ever come up with, the A-Frame. This is basically an set of straps that run through the upper on both sides of your foot and are fastened to the sole at the base. The other end of the A-Frame is integrated into the lace loops, and when you put these on you can feel it pressing your foot into the heel cup. No matter how hard your run, you’ll never feel these shoes get lose.

The inside of the shoe has the same memory foam comfort as the CTR360 Maestri and feels great, but it fits a little tighter around the toe. It also has an EVA sockliner and your feet won’t get sweaty or too hot when your playing in these. The memory foam interior also means you won;’t have to break these shoes in first, they’re ready to play as soon as you put them on.

The cleats are patterned like a Nike Tiempo Legend, and they’re held in place by an ultralight cleat bed that helps to make these shoes lighter than the Nike Superfly. Overall, these are great shoes, and definitely the sleeping giant of the boot world, and at $139.99, you can’t beat the price.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

Nike CR7 Safari Superfly III – Black with Volt Review

The latest Nike Safari Superfly III has just released and the new color scheme is generating a lot of buzz. The shoes are black with shale spots cheetah that cover the shoe, even the laces, and a bright green volt Nike Swoosh along the outstep over the printed pattern.

The shoes are part of the Mercurial Vapor line, and have all of the same features as the Red Plum and Photo Blue version released in May. The shoe is designed to give you some extra speed with its ultralight glass fiber outsole plate. The studs feature the Superfly traction pattern with the cleats higher on the front outstep and on the instep of the heel to allow you to dig into the ground and make faster cuts.

The upper is made of a Teijin Synthetic leather that has been on all of the shoes in this class and helps give you a soft touch and power on your shot, especially when you’re on the run. The interior is made of microfiber, and it can adjust to the shape of your foot to make sure theses cleats feel good from the first time you put them on. You won’t really need to break theses babies in, after the first game they’ll have molded to your feet. Think of it like a gel insole, but on the top of your foot that’s breathable and won’t get sweaty. What’s more is gives you a bit more material between the top of your foot and an opponents cleats so there’s more protection than an Adidas Adizero or a Puma v. 1.10 SL.

If you a more aggressive player like me, this makes them a must have.The insole is made of the same breathable sock liner that you’ll find in all Nike Elite soccer shoes and helps your feet stay dry. The only problem is this tends to come out of the shoe easily when you take them off after the match as they sort of stick to your wet socks. The cleats on the bottom of the boot are in the Superfly pattern, and are reinforced so they won’t come off unless you take a saw to them. At $399 a pair they aren’t cheap, but if you’re going to buy a top drawer pair of soccer shoes, you can’t beat the comfort, protection of these, and unique look of these.

If you like the color, which I think looks class, they’re a great pair of shoes that will hold up as well as anything else from Nike. For my part, I think the black and shale of the cheetah looks aggressive, especially with the volt colored swoosh, and make just the right statement. These soccer shoes are associated with one of the best players in the world, and if Ronaldo’s scoring in them, you can bet you’ll be seeing them around the pitches this spring.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

Nike Tiempo Legend Elite Team Red Review

The general trend of boots in the modern game is toward lightweight raw power, as leagues seem to be getting faster thanks to players attaining absurd levels of stamina and athleticism with each passing year. In turn, a classic market of players is feeling neglected with their amount of choices in elite shoes. The hard-nosed grind it out classic ball-winning midfielder has little to no need for an ultralightweight boot. Rather, a preference toward a durable, elite performance is missing. No more. The Nike Tiempo Legend Elite ends your search today for that cleat.

Nike Tiempo Legends have always been at the forefront of durability, performance, and classic styling. The latest elite version of the Tiempo Legend brings all these elements and brings it up to speed by taking the best of both worlds in the modern pace of the game and the classic grind it out mentality. A patented feature of the shoe is soft Kanga-Lite leather implemented on the upper. This synthetic blend forms to your foot, decreases the weight of the shoe, and absorbs up to 20% less water than a natural leather, a big plus to keep the weight off your feet in torrid game conditions. The midsole features a molded sockliner which is highly comfortable. In addition, a practical small velcro tongue lays over the laces and is non-obtrusive to your play. The tongue is a small feature to note, but many shoes neglect to bother with one today, so it’s nice to see the Legend Elite sticking to what it knows best.

The elite series of Nike products really begins to set itself apart with its outsole so here’s the real differentiator if you look into buying the standard Tiempo Legend. All Nike Elite series cleats, including this shoe, feature a carbon fiber sole plate in an effort to reduce weight and increase flexibility. The result is a shoe that weighs 16% less than the non-Elite version. Some players may view this difference as negligible, however as the game wears on, this weight makes a massive difference on your tired legs. I found myself to have increased stamina and be able to survive for longer periods of time on the pitch than ever before. In addition to the revolutionary carbon fiber plate, the outsole features a mix of conical and bladed studs to again blend modern and classic cleat elements. All the studs feature grooves that increase traction and acceleration on the pitch so you can get to the ball before your opponent. I really enjoy the use of conical studs in the forefoot and bladed studs in the heel and it seems to work quite well.

The colorway is really up for debate. Nike has come up with better colored shoes in the past but the Legend Elite in Team Red Color has grown on me. The performance of the shoe, however, didn’t have to grow on me. For an elite classic midfielder, it’s hard to find a boot that beats this one.

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Nike 5 Gato Leather Review

Let’s face it; indoor season is really short (at least it feels shorter) and buying an expensive pair of shoes that perform badly for everyday use just does not seem practical. I’d love a pair of shoes that I could just wear out and about with a pair of jeans or shorts and have it look great while still having the ability to just pick up and play an indoor game. The Nike5 Gato Leather solves my issue with ease.

Let me first say that the shoe incredibly comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. The main materials used in the shoe help support the awesome comfort level. The Gato is an all leather design with toe and medial overlays so the shoe is extremely durable. Plus leather gives you a terrific touch on the ball, which I’m sure you knew already. Now you may be thinking, “my feet always get really sweaty in leather shoes”. No problem. Perforated panels help keep your feet nice and cool and let the shoes and your feet breath exceptionally well. What really sets this shoe apart, however, is the midsole. Nike outfitted the Gato with soccer-specific cushioning. What’s that mean for you? Nike decided to design the midsole specifically to mold to your feet and provide extra padding on the edges of your feet where pressure is exerted the most in sharp cuts. The result is magical. My feet typically feel pretty worn out by the end of a match but not in these. I’m definitively sold on this technology after testing. Finally, Nike rounds out the shoe with an impressive outsole. Articulated gum rubber lines the shoe and gives you terrific grip whether you’re walking down the street or trying to gain that first step to beat your opponent to the ball. It’s a highly flexible material that really allows for quick agile movements so you’ve got turns on a dime.

The shoe, however, is a bit plain. I’m a classic guy so I don’t really mind this look, but many people surely will, considering all the flair of some other indoor shoes by Nike. Really, the black leather all over look has a huge benefit, in that it doesn’t show dirt hardly at all. Coupling this with the Gato’s insane durability features, you could probably not wash the outside of these shoes for a considerable amount of time.

The Nike5 Gato Leather is a terrifically versatile shoe that may be a bit plain Jane, but works well.

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Nike Tiempo Legend III FG Review- Black with White and Gold

Good afternoon, folks! It seems that nature has made up its mind and finally ushered in spring, the season of new life. That said, I’d like to take this opportunity to possibly breathe some new life into the black and gold Nike Tiempo Legend soccer boots. They’re solid boots that I think may have gotten lost in the torrent of loud and bright colorways over the past couple of seasons, so hopefully I can sway at least a few of you into checking out a more classic styled boot.

I should preface this paragraph by saying that I’m not against brightly colored boots; however, I believe the classic black boots are getting the short end of the stick. Alright, now we’ve got that put away, let’s get into the boots. The look of them is simple and classy. The boot is black all over with a white Nike Swoosh on either side of the foot, outlined in gold. “Tiempo” is also stamped in gold on the outside of the heel, which I think makes for a cool touch. The heel has the most stylistic action with a white wishbone strip that runs under the heel all the way to the balls of the foot on the soleplate. The cleats start off black, then segment into a gold band and finish with a clear bottom. So, yeah, there isn’t a whole lot going on with these boots, but that’s what I like about them. They let your feet do the talking, and they’ll be there to support your feet for some time to come.

The Tiempo Legends are made of Kangaroo Leather, which just so happens to be my favorite material for boots. It isn’t the lightest material, but it does provide great flexibility, comfort and durability. In terms of size, these boots run pretty true to size. I wear a size 9, and I felt comfortable in a 9 with these boots. My feet are a little wider, so these boots were pretty snug. I’d suggest taking this into account if your feet are in the same boat. The boots will certainly stretch with use given that they’re leather, but that won’t be all that helpful if your toes start out scrunched up over top of one another. Another aspect these soccer shoes have going for them is the cleat pattern and placement. At the front of the foot are conical cleats with two horizontal blade cleats placed underneath the balls of the foot. The back of the foot has 4 blunt blades placed fairly close together. Normally, I’m not one to get too excited about mixed cleat styles, but it works for the Legend. They provide plenty of stability and support, especially when making quick cuts. You won’t be losing your balance or footing 99% of the time with these boots. To round out these boots, the heel cup is very strong and sturdy without being restrictive. If you’ve been having problems with your heel, I’d strongly suggest taking this into account.

Soccerpro.com has these boots listed on clearance at $119.99, though they retail at $139.99. For a classic, kangaroo leather boot, this is a pretty good price. They’ll certainly last you a season, if not two or three, and I think they’ll become the boot you don’t want to get rid of once broken in. If you’re in the market for a new pair of boots and feel like giving real leather a chance, definitely look into the Legends.

Written by: Kris Dyer, legend, soccerprose.com

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adidas Samba Millenium Review

There have been many iconic shoes since soccer has grown up. The Adidas Copa Mundials, for example, are a classic pair of firm ground cleats that still are worn today by many top professionals even 20 years after their introduction, thanks to their sturdy construction. The Nike Vapor series has evolved into the premier boot for elite wingers and strikers with its lightweight technology. So what about the shoe you can wear everyday and look good no matter what style comes about? Adidas has got you covered with the long-standing adidas Samba line, specifically the Samba Millenium in black.

Jumping right in, this shoe has classic good looks that will never go out of style, just like the Copa Mundial. The all black design on the upper with the iconic three white stripes on either side of the shoe make this baby about as classic of an Adidas product as you can get. Adidas logos and symbols line various parts of the shoe in a professional way and look really classy with the white stitching. White contour lines surround the heel and dress up the shoe a bit more so it’s not so plain, a big plus in my book. The outsole trim runs along the bottom part of the upper and matches well with the rest o f the shoe with it tan gum rubber. Really, the shoe is instantly recognizable with its unchanged classic design. Normally, I’d be one to scoff at an unchanged look of a shoe from year to year, but this is the one exception to that rule. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It’s not all about looks, however. The Samba Millenium is a terrific performing indoor boot when you need it to be, too. Full grain leather lines the upper for a soft touch on the ball and maximum comfort. The shoe is also outfitted with a durable synthetic lining so your feet feel like they are standing in a pile of pillows with every movement. To ramp up the comfort even more, the shoe has been given Adidas’ patented adiPRENE insert on the heel for shock absorption, so you don’t feel like you’re thundering down to the pitch if you have a clunky running style, like I know I do. Finally, the Samba Millennium has been given the TORSION system technology. What’s this mean? Basically, it’s a way for the shoe to align to the shape of your foot and give you the maximum level of comfort in your midfoot, specifically the arches of your feet.

Even if you don’t want these shoes for indoor play, the Samba Millennium is a highly versatile and classic soccer shoe that can be used as a part of everyday life. The shoe will never go out of style thanks to iconic Adidas staples all over the Samba and its highly durable design. Thumbs way up on these amazing iconic shoes.

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Adidas F50 Adizero Review Orange w/Black

Ladies and gentleman, today’s endeavor takes me to areas previously unknown or underappreciated to my preferences of cleats, and, although I can say I’m surprised, I certainly cannot say I’m made unhappy by the revelation. What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about the synthetic Adidas F50 adiZero in the Warning and Black colorway. Why was this area previously underappreciated? Well, folks, friends and neighbors, I usually don’t go in for synthetics, nor do I usually go in for the bright colorways. However, these boots have shifted that preference.

The previous rendition of the F50 line was a truly great striker boot; it was light, flexible, sturdy, balanced, and a whole host of other adjectives. Even so, Adidas found a way to make a great boot even greater with this season’s line of F50 boots. The basic design and look of the boots are still present, but Adidas tweaked a couple things to improve upon the boot. The outer of the boots are still made with Adidas’ sprintskin technology, which is a single synthetic leather layer (say that 5 times fast). There are also TPU support bands on the inside of the boot, which helped in allowing Adidas to create what is, to my knowledge, the lightest boot on the market. The Traxion cleats and cleat pattern are also as you would expect; minimal yet effective. There are eleven individual cleats in total, all in geometric shape, and they’re spaced in the right proportions to offer great balance and traction. This is actually where my gripe with last season’s F50 boots arose. The inside of my foot felt a little too much pressure from the cleats when I tried to cut, but that seems to be fixed with these boots. I felt as if I had another pair of thin socks on rather than a pair of soccer boots. My feet didn’t feel the same amount of pressure as before, and I still had enough wiggle room, as it were. They do run a little big, so you may want to check out a couple sizes before settling. I normally fit snugly into a size 9 US, but I could easily notch it down to an 8.5 US. The width of the shoe is great as well, as I mentioned with the wiggle room. It’s tight enough that your foot is secure, but it isn’t so tight that your feet will go numb before the 90 minutes are up.

I’m sure the construction of the boot is enticing in and of itself, but I’m not naive enough to believe looks don’t factor into the decision. As I said in the beginning, I’m usually not one for the brighter colorways; however, I really liked the look of these Warning (Orange) boots on my feet. They are bright, but they are not obnoxious. Choosing a white soleplate was definitely the right choice by Nike; it complements the orange and black upper very well. If Adidas had gone with a black soleplate, I think the boot would come off a little too Halloweeny for my taste. On the whole, this boot looks superb. It’s loud without being arrogant, and it’s appealing without being abrasive.

You can expect to pay around $199.99 for the boots, though they’re currently $179.99 at soccerpro.com. That may seem a bit steep, but you’re getting a top of the line boot with these F50s. If you take care of them, then they’ll last you a decent amount of time; they will definitely last to make it worth paying the money. I’d highly recommend this boot, especially for the strikers out there; give it a test drive, and I think you’ll agree that this boot is worth the money.

Written by: Kris Dyer, dutiful rent paying citizen, writer, soccerprose.com

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Adidas F50 Adizero TRX FG Leather Black/White/Electricity Review

Where to begin with these shoes…I guess the name is the best place to start. The Adidas F50 Adizero revolutionized the speed boot market when it was released and has earned the loyalty of Lionel Messi among others. the shoes are all about speed, and as much a sprints track shoe as they are a soccer boot. This particular shoes is made from leather, and despite that, remains one of the lightest soccer cleats on the market.

Since it’s leather, the boot is durable, or more durable that a synthetic leather anyway. The type of leather they have used is called Goleo calf-leather, it provides a snug fit, but isn’t as thick or cumbersome as traditional full grain leathers. This makes the boots light weight, and it weights in at only 165 grams. Its also pretty comfortable as the thin material really flexes easily around the foot.

The insoles are also superlight, but if you need more comfort, they come with comfort insoles in the box. I prefer the superlight insoles and find they work perfectly fine for me, but the comfort ones do feel nice on the feet. It also comes with a leather care kit including a cleaning cloth and some polish, which keeps them looking fresh and clean.

The outsole and cleats are what really set these soccer shoes apart form there competitors. The sprint frame construction of the sole plate allows for lighter weight without sacrificing durability through the use of chemically bonded plastics. The cleats themselves are also innovative in the sense that hey use research based on where the force is applied when you run. The cleats are triangles that are turned specific direction in order to take maximum advantage of the natural movement of your foot on the run.

Overall, they’re a great pair of leather speed boots, and $179.99 they’re well worth it for any serious player.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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  1. I guess I would really like to know why so few boot manufacturers have reduced or stopped entirely producing wide fit versions of their cleats? Nike only make the T90 Lasers, Puma seem unsure what is or isn’t suitable for those of us not with tiny feet and Adidas, unbelievably have stopped making them altogether for over two years!

    Surely they must realise that they are excluding a huge part of their market? It also means that people like myself have to spend months trying to find new cleats every year that actually fit my feet; it really is ridiculous for the major brands not to consider more wide fit options instead of trying to make us buy stupid plastic, pink or bright blue shoes which cripple your feet!

    I would hope that retailers such as Soccerpros will apply some pressure to the brands telling them that they need to supply what customers want/need and Adidas need to make at least one wide fit option.

  2. do you guys sell boots? if so I want some black volt CR safaris in indoor do guys have or know were to get them? please help!

  3. the purple is very nice it makes u stand out from da croud its a unique color

  4. my husband and I just wanted to know the difference of the spikes on the soccer boots for our kids, one child has been playing for 8yr and the other child has been playing for 3yr and is the round better then the tri or is the flat better? We live in New Mexico so the ground is hard but where they play is has very nice thick grass but that’s at just that field. They practice on hard dirt.

  5. Sybil,

    Either one will work fine, so long as the cleats are plastic, and designed for firm ground. Just be sure you don’t buy the ones with the metal cleats and you should be ok.

    All the best,

    Matthew Wall

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