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When I’m tired of dominating the pitch outside, I like to take my game inside for a change of pace. And while my skills allow me to get away with wearing any cleat inside, I do prefer to switch from a hard-ground cleat to an indoor, or turf shoe when I go inside. So when we got in these new adi5 X soccer shoes, I was pretty excited to say the least, and not just because reviewing it gets me out of other work.

Physical Attributes

This shoe is very well constructed for comfort and performance. With an upper made with a Highly Abrasion-Resistant Synthetic Overlay for extra protection in the toes, these adi5’s also have a Touch
Compound Grid for enhanced control when you have the ball at your feet. An adiPRENE insert midsole allows for shock absorption and comfort, which is something you will immediately notice with these shoes on. The outsole contains multiple studs for extra ground contact which helps when you want to cut hard in any direction. The physical attributes are not only noticed when wearing the shoe, but can be seen in your game when using them.


To be completely honest (and what kind of blog review would this be if I wasn’t), this is one of the more comfortable shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. The initial reaction is a little strange, as you can feel each little rubber stud when you step. However, after take a few steps, that feeling quickly goes away and you are left with a very comfortable stride. The inside has extra padding in the heel and on the bottom of the tongue so that your foot is completely surrounded with cushioning. In fact, this shoe is so comfortable that I would consider wearing it as an every day, cross-training casual shoe.


The only critique I have is the coloring. But I must preface that by saying I have never been a fan of bright colored shoes (poor preface, seeing as it came after my initial statement, but you get the idea). While the shoe is mostly black and gray, the “infrared” coloring around the base is enough to bother me. However, I have been told my esteemed colleagues that this shoe does come in other colors, so there is some hope for my relationship with these shoes yet.

Overall, this adi5 indoor shoe is a great shoe! With a specialized Touch Compound on the toe for extra control and amazing comfort, this is one of the best indoor shoes I have seen. So if you’re like me, and playing outdoors is no longer a challenge for you, then check out the adi5 X indoor shoes and take your game to the next level. For only $59.99 at SoccerPro.com, this is one shoe that’s hard to beat.

Written by: Wil, incredible indoors, soccerprose.com


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