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Attention, parents: the new Nike Youth Mercurial Glide soccer shoes are here in the blue and orange colorway. I have no doubt that your kids will be asking about these boots, so allow me to help you become more familiar with the boots! These boots are not only light and soft, owing to the synthetic upper and the contoured sock liner, but they are also durable and protective. The boots are cut fairly low, but they still cover the top of the foot and just underneath the ankle; there’s a low chance that your child will get swiped where the foot and ankle meet, and we all know how badly that can hurt. The boots also have a strong heel cup for those all-too-common mis-kicks to the heel.

Aside from this, the boots also provide greater acceleration than most boots given their cleat pattern—the “teeth” at the toe allows your player to get that little extra dig in the ground just as they push off with the foot, so he or she will have that extra bit of speed to get past a defender. Now, the price tag of these bad boys is $59.99, which I understand is a little steep for youth boots. However, these boots will be great until your child grows out of them, and I’d wager they’ll be great hand-me-downs for the younger ones.

There are certainly cheaper youth boots on the market, but you might end up having to buy two pairs before the season is up. Instead, I’d give the Glides a go—they’ll be worth it.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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