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Why Hello! I’m Kendra one of the new SoccerProse writers, meaning I have officially sold my soul to the soccer devil, and I love it! But enough about me, onto the new adizero cleat. When the adizero TRX F50 synthetic cleat was first pulled out the box one of the boys exclaimed “It looks like I’m walking down the strip” and now thinking about it, I’d have to agree. This shoe could go on in a Las Vegas show and fit right in! Even though this shoe is very brightly colored it deserves more attention for more than its flashiness but for the attention and quality that went into this shoe!

I have never been a fan of women’s cleat so I have always had the struggle of finding the conversion between a men’s cleat and a women’s cleat. I’m a size 11 and normally fit into a men’s 10-10.5. I tried on a 10 and found that it fit well on the sides but was entirely too long and my foot was sliding forward and backward. So make sure you have the chance to actually try these cleats on because they are sized a little differently. The synthetic material made this cleat really easy to break in which is always nice when you get a new pair of spike, you don’t have a lot to worry about when going from those old cleats to the new ones.

The upper part of the shoe is synthetic making this shoe really light and super thin. I normally like a shoe that has a little more to it but for the person looking to increase speed and likes a super light shoe than I would highly recommend it! The Lightness allows for a really good natural feel for the ball that will be hard to rival. Its side lacing helps with the feel of the ball so your foot makes more contact with the ball than the laces do!

The insoles of the soccer shoe are made up of ultra-light sock liner which adds virtually no weight to the shoe and allows for a really nice even on the first time you wear the shoe. What’s really nice is that if you’re not a fan of the fit of the sock liner adidas provides another sock liner for extra support if needed.

The firm ground cleats have a good length and if treated correctly (avoiding concrete) will last you a long time! They are made for the speedster making quick stop and flashy moves!

Though this shoe is on the higher end of the price bracket at $179.99, if you invest in this cleat you will not be let down! It’ll last you a long time and not let you down in what you’re looking for! I’d suggest this shoe for any midfielder or forward who is known for speed and skill! This cleat is highly recommended round of applause to adidas for coming out with such an awesome cleat!

Written by: Kendra, girls soccer guru, soccerprose.com


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