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Ladies and gentleman, today’s endeavor takes me to areas previously unknown or underappreciated to my preferences of cleats, and, although I can say I’m surprised, I certainly cannot say I’m made unhappy by the revelation. What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about the synthetic Adidas F50 adiZero in the Warning and Black colorway. Why was this area previously underappreciated? Well, folks, friends and neighbors, I usually don’t go in for synthetics, nor do I usually go in for the bright colorways. However, these boots have shifted that preference.

The previous rendition of the F50 line was a truly great striker boot; it was light, flexible, sturdy, balanced, and a whole host of other adjectives. Even so, Adidas found a way to make a great boot even greater with this season’s line of F50 boots. The basic design and look of the boots are still present, but Adidas tweaked a couple things to improve upon the boot. The outer of the boots are still made with Adidas’ sprintskin technology, which is a single synthetic leather layer (say that 5 times fast). There are also TPU support bands on the inside of the boot, which helped in allowing Adidas to create what is, to my knowledge, the lightest boot on the market. The Traxion cleats and cleat pattern are also as you would expect; minimal yet effective. There are eleven individual cleats in total, all in geometric shape, and they’re spaced in the right proportions to offer great balance and traction. This is actually where my gripe with last season’s F50 boots arose. The inside of my foot felt a little too much pressure from the cleats when I tried to cut, but that seems to be fixed with these boots. I felt as if I had another pair of thin socks on rather than a pair of soccer boots. My feet didn’t feel the same amount of pressure as before, and I still had enough wiggle room, as it were. They do run a little big, so you may want to check out a couple sizes before settling. I normally fit snugly into a size 9 US, but I could easily notch it down to an 8.5 US. The width of the shoe is great as well, as I mentioned with the wiggle room. It’s tight enough that your foot is secure, but it isn’t so tight that your feet will go numb before the 90 minutes are up.

I’m sure the construction of the boot is enticing in and of itself, but I’m not naive enough to believe looks don’t factor into the decision. As I said in the beginning, I’m usually not one for the brighter colorways; however, I really liked the look of these Warning (Orange) boots on my feet. They are bright, but they are not obnoxious. Choosing a white soleplate was definitely the right choice by Nike; it complements the orange and black upper very well. If Adidas had gone with a black soleplate, I think the boot would come off a little too Halloweeny for my taste. On the whole, this boot looks superb. It’s loud without being arrogant, and it’s appealing without being abrasive.

You can expect to pay around $199.99 for the boots, though they’re currently $179.99 at soccerpro.com. That may seem a bit steep, but you’re getting a top of the line boot with these F50s. If you take care of them, then they’ll last you a decent amount of time; they will definitely last to make it worth paying the money. I’d highly recommend this boot, especially for the strikers out there; give it a test drive, and I think you’ll agree that this boot is worth the money.

Written by: Kris Dyer, dutiful rent paying citizen, writer, soccerprose.com

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