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There have been many iconic shoes since soccer has grown up. The Adidas Copa Mundials, for example, are a classic pair of firm ground cleats that still are worn today by many top professionals even 20 years after their introduction, thanks to their sturdy construction. The Nike Vapor series has evolved into the premier boot for elite wingers and strikers with its lightweight technology. So what about the shoe you can wear everyday and look good no matter what style comes about? Adidas has got you covered with the long-standing adidas Samba line, specifically the Samba Millenium in black.

Jumping right in, this shoe has classic good looks that will never go out of style, just like the Copa Mundial. The all black design on the upper with the iconic three white stripes on either side of the shoe make this baby about as classic of an Adidas product as you can get. Adidas logos and symbols line various parts of the shoe in a professional way and look really classy with the white stitching. White contour lines surround the heel and dress up the shoe a bit more so it’s not so plain, a big plus in my book. The outsole trim runs along the bottom part of the upper and matches well with the rest o f the shoe with it tan gum rubber. Really, the shoe is instantly recognizable with its unchanged classic design. Normally, I’d be one to scoff at an unchanged look of a shoe from year to year, but this is the one exception to that rule. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It’s not all about looks, however. The Samba Millenium is a terrific performing indoor boot when you need it to be, too. Full grain leather lines the upper for a soft touch on the ball and maximum comfort. The shoe is also outfitted with a durable synthetic lining so your feet feel like they are standing in a pile of pillows with every movement. To ramp up the comfort even more, the shoe has been given Adidas’ patented adiPRENE insert on the heel for shock¬†absorption, so you don’t feel like you’re thundering down to the pitch if you have a clunky running style, like I know I do. Finally, the Samba¬†Millennium has been given the TORSION system technology. What’s this mean? Basically, it’s a way for the shoe to align to the shape of your foot and give you the maximum level of comfort in your midfoot, specifically the arches of your feet.

Even if you don’t want these shoes for indoor play, the Samba Millennium is a highly versatile and classic soccer shoe that can be used as a part of everyday life. The shoe will never go out of style thanks to iconic Adidas staples all over the Samba and its highly durable design. Thumbs way up on these amazing iconic shoes.

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