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Well girls here I sit with the pinnacle of Adidas heritage soccer shoes in front of me, and I have to say, I’m impressed by the Women’s Adipure IV. The F30’s are great if you like synthetic shoes, but for all you girl who’ll only wear leather, these are the boots for you. They are going feature in the upcoming women’s World Cup, so you know they are going to be top quality.

The upper of the shoes is made from kangaroo leather, but not the endangered ones, and has all of the same features you’d expect. The leather is super soft, and gives you a great feel for the ball as it forms to your foot like a gloves after you break them in. Its white almost all over, with blue accents around the lace holes and the shoe pull on the heel. It also has some lime green color on the cleats and where the heel meets the heel cup. And the silver Adidas stripes really make these flashy.

The midsole, aka the inside of the shoe is anatomically molded with an EVA insole. This insole has extra an cushion insert in its heel for comfort and shock absorption and its my favorite part of these shoes. My heel often aches I finish a game, and with this nifty littel insert it doesn’t bother me at all. The molded insole also means the shoes fit true to size, which is really rare for women’s shoes period, let alone cleats, and they are definitely the best fitting soccer shoes I’ve ever worn.

The cleats themselves are balded, and in the same pattern as the men’s Adipure IV’s. I don;t really have any complaints or observations on them. They’re not all futuristic like the ones on the Adizeros, but they get the job done and really thats all you want of them. The sole plate is lightweight, and the whole shoe feel light on your feet.

Overall, they look good, feel better, and work great as soccer cleats for any women playing the game and they’re only $94.99. I recommend them for any position, I play midfield, and they work great.

Written by: Christie, futbol fashionista, soccerprose.com


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