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The CTR360 line of boots, both indoor and outdoor, from Nike has been a smash it over the past several months, and I look for this trend to continue with the release of the new metallic gold and black colorway for the Nike CTR360 Libretto II indoor shoes. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too keen on them at first glance, but I’m glad to report that I was wrong. These boots will prove to be solid performing boots with a certain attractiveness to their style.

The upper of these boots is separated into two sections of gold and black by a diagonal black line of rubber which extends from mid-laces to the heel. From the toe to mid lace, the boot is a lustrous gold while the back part of the shoe is black. The classic Nike Swoosh makes an appearance both on the outside part of the foot and on the inside of the heel, which I think provides a solid aesthetic balance. The look of the boot is pretty simplistic in its design, but I really like the colors chosen. On first glance, the gold seemed a little off putting, but I’ve definitely come around. It’s just the right luster and brightness to border that line between stylish and obnoxious, but it doesn’t cross the line.

Looks aside, there are some structural aspects about these soccer boots that I really dig. The toe, for instance, is stitched along with a suede strip double stitched across the toe, which will provide plenty of durability and stability on the unforgiving indoor surface. I’ve had many pairs unravel at the toe because there just simply wasn’t enough material there to keep it from wearing down. The heel also has an extra layer of material stitched in for, you guessed it, added structural support and protection. I’m also a fan of the sole plate because it balances rigidity and flexibility without feeling fragile or frail. Basically, this is a study, durable boot that also provides excellent comfort with its insole. The shoes do feel a smidge snug in terms of width when you first put a pair on, but this is to be expected with new shoes. After a little bit of wear, they’ll stretch a bit and be more comfortable for your foot. There’s also plenty of arch support, so no worries on that front. Other than that, they fit pretty true to size—I fit comfortably into a size 9, though my feet are done growing. If your feet are still growing, you may consider trying a half size up just to see how they fit. You should expect to pay between $50 and $55 for a pair of these boots, which is a solid price if you plan on playing fairly regularly. Even if you aren’t planning on playing regularly, they can still serve as sweet recreation shoes for just walking around and whatnot. In any case, $50 isn’t too bad a price to pay for a pair of shoes that will last quite some time!

Written by: Kris Dyer, tacit speech giver, soccerprose.com


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