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It’s that time again, the new color of the Nike CTR 360 Maestris has just made it out of the bag and onto the web and its time for me to give my favorite pair of cleats a run out. The first thing you notice about the CTR 360’s when you see them on the shelf is the the touch pads and striking colors. The first color, red and white, made waves, but I’m sure it will pale in comparison to these black and gold monsters.

The CTR 360 is the Cadillac of soccer shoes, and just cause it has fins. The touchpads on the front of these boots are made of memory foam, and serve to dampen the impact of the ball on your foot giving you a better touch on the ball. There are also fined touch pods on the instep of the shoe, which help you get a hold of the ball when you are passing letting you more accurately distribute you passes. Its also got a Kanga-lite upper, which is doubles stitched to hold up over time, and won’t get as heavy when you play in wet conditions.

The insole and interiors of the shoe has to be one of the most comfortable I’ve ever tried on. I mean these things put my running shoes to shame. The sockliner is think all over, but not heavy, and is made from the same memory foam material as the fore foot touch pads making the boots feel light and snug, but airy on your feet. The insoles are also soft, and you can’t feel the cleats through the sole at all, even on concrete.

One of the best features of the CTR 360 Maestri come on the outsole. The thermoplastic carbon-composite chassis is engineered and reinforced for strength and energy return. This means that you don’t need to expend as much energy to get going in these boots, and you’ll actually feel them pushing back against the bottom of your foot as you run. The direct-inject, bladed TPU studs are great for traction and stability while you are making quick turns and trying to accelerate.

Overall, they’re the best pair of soccer cleats Nike have come out with this season, and at $179.99, they’re worth every penny.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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