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Well, Adidas have come out with another color of the F50 adizeros and I have to say I like these boots a lot better than the anodized purple version. Some people like really flashy boots, some people like more traditional boots, but for me, I like modern technology on a pair of boots with some color, but not so much I feel like I’m wearing clown shoes. That’s why I like these so much; the white background is bright, but no absurdly so, and the blue and green slime really pop against it.

The shoes themselves are comfortable, especially if you use the comfort insoles that come in the box. I find I don’t really need them, but if you’ve got a lot of games on the same day, you might want to put them in to keep away the aches in your heels and forefoot. The upper fits really well, but they do need at least a training session to break them in. The feeling of the Sprint skin upper is really unique, as its so thin, and gives you a great touch on the ball.

The upper is also pretty durable, and since its synthetic it holds its color a lot better than a leather shoe. The midsole is also great as its has an EVA sock liner so your feet won’t get all clammy and the shoes won;t slip around on your feet in wet conditions. They also have really low water uptake as they are mostly plastic.

The cleat pattern is very stable, and works well. the geometric patterning seems to provide exactly what its supposed to and I’ve never had a problem with slipping or siding during games. the sole plate also give great energy return and almost pushes you forward when your running. Especially when you are accelerating off your toes.

Overall, they’re a great pair of soccer shoes, and I really like to colors. At $200, they aren’t cheap, but compared to the $400 Nike Superflys they’re a good deal for an elite level pair of soccer shoes.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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