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Let’s face it; indoor season is really short (at least it feels shorter) and buying an expensive pair of shoes that perform badly for everyday use just does not seem practical. I’d love a pair of shoes that I could just wear out and about with a pair of jeans or shorts and have it look great while still having the ability to just pick up and play an indoor game. The Nike5 Gato Leather solves my issue with ease.

Let me first say that the shoe incredibly comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. The main materials used in the shoe help support the awesome comfort level. The Gato is an all leather design with toe and medial overlays so the shoe is extremely durable. Plus leather gives you a terrific touch on the ball, which I’m sure you knew already. Now you may be thinking, “my feet always get really sweaty in leather shoes”. No problem. Perforated panels help keep your feet nice and cool and let the shoes and your feet breath exceptionally well. What really sets this shoe apart, however, is the midsole. Nike outfitted the Gato with soccer-specific cushioning. What’s that mean for you? Nike decided to design the midsole specifically to mold to your feet and provide extra padding on the edges of your feet where pressure is exerted the most in sharp cuts. The result is magical. My feet typically feel pretty worn out by the end of a match but not in these. I’m definitively sold on this technology after testing. Finally, Nike rounds out the shoe with an impressive outsole. Articulated gum rubber lines the shoe and gives you terrific grip whether you’re walking down the street or trying to gain that first step to beat your opponent to the ball. It’s a highly flexible material that really allows for quick agile movements so you’ve got turns on a dime.

The shoe, however, is a bit plain. I’m a classic guy so I don’t really mind this look, but many people surely will, considering all the flair of some other indoor shoes by Nike. Really, the black leather all over look has a huge benefit, in that it doesn’t show dirt hardly at all. Coupling this with the Gato’s insane durability features, you could probably not wash the outside of these shoes for a considerable amount of time.

The Nike5 Gato Leather is a terrifically versatile shoe that may be a bit plain Jane, but works well.

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