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He slips past would-be tacklers.

He gets stuck in at every possible moment.

He hypnotizes defences with his dribbling and precision passing.

He is Paul Scholes, the Maestro.

Even though Manchester United line-up featured more fringe-players than the world-class stars one would normally see, Paul Scholes was still able to make everyone around him better.

That’s just the kind of player he is.

On the field he is a chivalrous leader who presses onward no matter the score line, and off the field he has the attitude that all players, young and old should look up to.

His passes are breathtakingly beautiful and you can’t help but wonder how the game must look through his eyes as he always seems to be one step ahead of the other team as he meticulously picks them apart.

And before there was Steven Gerrard, there was Paul Scholes.

If left alone at the top of the box, the keeper would soon be left wondering what had happened to his team-mates in front of him as he digs the ball out of the still rippling net.

To all you young players out there, be you a United fan or not, I encourage you to dig up some Paul Scholes highlights and take a lesson from a man that still sends teams to their knees and fans to their feet.



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