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Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo da Silva

Was Martin Taylor’s tackle on Arsenal’s Eduardo da Silva, leaving him with a broken leg requiring surgery, dirty?


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  1. Not just dirty. It’s criminal.

  2. Definitely late – but unfortunately these things happen in soccer. The other question is – Is Eduardo’s career over?

  3. That is one of the grossest broken legs I’ve seen. I don’t really like Arsenal but I hope Eduardo can come back from that.

  4. I think this is more of a careless tackle than a milicous one. Martin Taylor has amassed a grand total of two red cards in his career and is by no means a dirty player.

    And I think there is no doubt Eduardo will be back. He is young and should be able to make a full recover, all be it a lengthy one

  5. Eduardo was released form the hospital this morning. They say that he should make a full recovery and be back in 9 months. He is going to miss Euro 2008 for Croatia due to the injury though.