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Rumor is passing through our ears here that the biggest event on Wednesday night/Thursday morning was not Manchester United winning the UEFA Champions League.

No, this has to do with Cristiano Ronaldo’s future with the Red Devils.

Rumor has it a deal with Real Madrid has been struck for 125 million Euros ($250 million)!!!!!!!!!

That would easily be the biggest transfer fee ever if this rumor holds up to be true.

If it is, is any player worth that much? If so, who? Also, what would you want Man U to do with all of that cash?


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  1. I don’t think Ronaldo will move now. If he did, I think it would be against his best interests. He is only 23 years old. My guess is that when Fergie finally calls it a day, so will Ronaldo as far as Manchester United is concerned. Two more seasons I think, then they will both leave.