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thenutmeg_icon_60×60.jpgDuring a recent Under-9 soccer match at the local Parks and Recreation complex a grown adult male verbally abused the match official, according to eye-witnesses. At 8:09 a.m. last Saturday, Ronnie Teague, the presiding referee, had just started the match between the Krazy Kickers and the Super Lizards when he heard Daniel Kelmeth arrive on the sidelines shouting bizarrely graphic threats on his life.

Flaunting all conventions of sportsmanship and sideline courtesy which normally accompany youth soccer, Mr. Kelmeth lambasted Mr. Teague with a stream of verbal attacks few at the scene could see coming. Many other soccer parents in attendance reported their dismay and confusion at the nature of Mr. Kelmeth’s tirades at the respected match official.

“Refs are just kids doing their jobs,” a fellow spectator said, “and the kids are just want to have fun playing soccer. I guess I just don’t understand why he’s so upset, I mean my kid sucks, but he’s better than [Dan] Kelmeth’s kid.” Many other parents reported being confused by Mr. Kelmeth’s outbursts, referring to the respectful and nurturing atmosphere which always surrounds youth soccer.

Seeming to ignore the fact that it is physically impossible for the eight-year-olds on his team to play soccer on the level of his expectations, Mr. Kelmeth refused to drop the issue, making the 14-year-old referee the target of his insults throughout the match. These odd verbal attacks became most pointed after Mr. Teague would blow his whistle for a foul.

Mr. Teague reported feeling especially threatened when he heard Mr. Kelmeth shouting obscenities and insults which apparently included, “no-talent dummy,” “stupid-ref-who-can’t-even-drive,” and “tuna cakes.”

The young match official does not plan to take any official action against Mr. Kelmeth, citing the threats of physical violence and the “really sweet” Sony PlayStation 3 owned by Scott Kelmeth, Daniel’s 15-year-old son.


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