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Monday has once again rolled around so predictably after Sunday, but this particular Monday is especially rough. Why? I’m of course talking about the Emmy’s after-party. I know all of you were in attendance, and even though I didn’t get to shake hands with every one of you, I rest easy knowing you had as great a time as I did.

…Seriously, though, Mondays tend to be rough for the work week, so we thought we’d bring you a review of the new Puma Tottenham Hotspur Away Jersey to ease you into the week for a softer landing.

This season, Puma has simplified the jersey even further than last season’s jersey, but don’t take that to mean that it’s generic. I personally prefer the new soccer jersey. The first change you’ll notice is that the jersey is purple rather than a powder blue. I’m usually not a fan of purple, but this jersey is a lighter tint of purple that really attracts your eye, causing you to look again and again. Puma has also done away with the shoulder design of last year, and they’ve instead replaced it with white sleeve cuffs that provide a great complement to the purple. The collar sees the same treatment as the cuffs; rather than the shallow V with a kind of cutout, this year’s collar is a simple white crewneck. Adding just a little touch of flair is the striping, achieved by alternating solid fabric and mesh around the entire shirt. It’s subtle, but it’s sweet; in my mind, the striping is what really sets the jersey off and makes it a complete shirt.

In terms of fit, this shirt fits true to size; I wear a medium, and that’s what fits with this jersey. It’s also surprisingly soft for being 100% polyester microfiber (then again, maybe that’s just me). The wicking used by Puma also provides a great barrier between your body and the mesh, which decreases moisture. You may want to double up on shirts if it’s a cool day, but otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. If you take care of it properly, this jersey will last you for some time to come. The stitching on the abdomen, collar, cuffs and waist is tight, so you won’t need to worry about a seam coming undone. The $75 price tag is a standard price, and I have yet to really see a jersey not worth the price. I’m predicting these bad boys will go pretty quickly, so make sure you pick yours up soon!

Written by: Kris Dyer, contributing editor, soccerprose.com


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