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My favorite thing about soccer is that it can be played anywhere at anytime! All you need is friends, 4 items to make up goals, and a ball to kick around. You don’t need to have a nicely manicured grass surface, or even lines to map out boundaries. It just takes a group of people looking to play the game you all love. I wouldn’t advise using a top of the line ball on a hard concrete surface because, sadly, you’ll destroy its value one bounce at a time. What you need is a cost efficient, quality ball, that you can ding up a bit. The Puma Powercat Graphic ball is just the ball you need! You can have a quality game of soccer without emptying your pocket or ruining a ball that cost you way too much in the first place.


We all know a good game of soccer is supposed to last 90 minutes…but a good game of street soccer with friends can last all night long! One of the hardest things about playing at night is being able to see the ball. The mostly bright orange and white ball will make this ball easier to find when light is hard to find. The only thing I didn’t really like about this ball is that, while most of the coloring on the ball is glossy orange or black, the bold stripe in the middle is an unglazed orange. It did not affect how the ball rolled or its flight pattern, but it just looks odd that it’s not glossy like the rest of the ball.

Physical Attributes.

The ball is machine stitched to ensure that the stitching pattern is consistent and durable. The patches on the ball won’t start to come off very easily. The plastic outside was a little hard to get used to at first, but as time went on, the gloss was worn down a bit; This meant the ball did not stick to your foot on your first touch. The patch design made the ball a good shape so the ball bounce and flight trajectory was easy to predict and follow.


This is a great ball to purchase if you’re the type who is always trying to play a pick up game anywhere at anytime. Throw this ball in the trunk of your car, and you can always have it handy for a game! This ball is easily visible when you’re playing late at night because of its bright colors. The ball is priced around $14.99, so you won’t feel absolutely terrible when this ball gets its first scuff mark from your first awesome goal. Just because this isn’t what people would mark as a top of the line ball does not mean it can not provide you with a top of the game quality. Gather up some friends, and go show off your skills today.

Written by: Kendra, soccer chick, soccerprose.com


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