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Italian giants Juventus have announced the signing of tossed-around old man and Italian international Luca Toni, who joins the club on an 18-month deal. The club acquired the 33-year-old on a free as a cover for Fabio Quagliarella, who suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Juventus currently sit in 5th in the table and are 8 points off the pace. However, the club has scored the most goals so far in league play (33 in 18 games) so to keep pace and keep things a bargain, Toni was not a bad purchase.

Toni will feature for his 14th team in 16 seasons, a truly bizarre accomplishment. Toni will hope to find more success in Juventus gear than he has in Genoa gear. He netted 3 times in 16 appearances for Rossoblu and in all honestly looked to be physically deteriorating while rumbling around the pitch in his 6 foot 4 inch frame. Even though the man has lost a lot of pace off his game, his unorthodox, powerful nature is a worth gamble and a large reason why 14 teams have taken to his services. This may likely be his last contract in Europe, as I can’t see many other teams taking a gamble on the man other than to provide cover in case of injury. Even then, the days of Toni’s lethal finishing are about over. For now, Toni will be able to sell a few jerseys and look back on a storied career that saw the man feature 47 times for the Italian national team. Hopefully, this isn’t the biggest transfer news besides the Edin Dzeko transfer in January.


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