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The transfer of Edin Dzeko to Manchester City from Wolfsburg is now inevitable. The 24-year-old Bosnian international will arrive at City having been primarily used as a target striker, one to hit with crossing balls and to have hold up the play while he works a bit of space. He’s a clinical finisher, averaging a little more than a goal every two games for his German side over the past 3 and a half seasons in the Bundesliga. However, looking at the formation Roberto Mancini currently employs, where will Dzeko fit in? I’m thinking it might be time for a formation change, should Tevez stick around. Here’s my proposal for a formation and lineup:


Kolarov      Toure     Kompany     Zabaleta

Toure     De Jong

David Silva                            Johnson/Milner

Tevez     Balotelli/Dzeko

I’m not sure City could keep the current target man formation they have with such a large investment into Dzeko. Granted, money is like giving away chicken to City, but if the Eastlands club do not want another striker to ride the bench, I think it’s time the club employ two true strikers for a change. They will still get talented wide play and crossing from Milner, Johnson, or David Silva and darting runs into the middle of play. Plus, either Toure or De Jong can hold the midfield and become a natural ball-winner while the other joins in attack (something Toure has been recently experimenting with in league fixtures). The over-reliance on Tevez and his goalscoring ability can come to an end with a change in emphasis. Balotteli and Dzeko were brought in for relief for the exhausted Argentinian but his woes will only truly go away if the formation changes. Otherwise, the club will be producing more Emmanuel Adebayor’s and Roque Santa Cruz’s than they know what to do with. Sure the club has virtually unlimited resources so they can have Adebayors and Santa Cruz’s pile up but it’s time to have a sense of consistency in the club. The spending can stop soon, despite what the owners believe. All fans of the EPL expect at least 5-6 new men in Manchester City jerseys each year, but in reality it’s totally unnecessary. The club have enough talent to compete now and they are showing it this campaign, currently sitting right in the thick of a battle for a league title.

Dzeko may be just another cog in the wheel for the City machine but he could be the crucial piece in the puzzle. An experienced prolific striker is just the capture City needed as long as Mancini is willing to employ a two striker set. If injuries arrive, Jo is always available at the natural striker position. The club have a ridiculous roster depth right now, after all. It’s time for Tevez to have a partner in crime. It’s Dzeko time.


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