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Fulham have added their 5th American player to their roster in the form of Eddie Johnson.  While I was instructed to keep it very hush-hush, I am now allowed (because it has been reported on the Fulham FC website) to talk about everything that the club is willing to disclose.

Johnson has been at the Fulham training grounds and practicing some with the first team and the first report is that he will provide a pacey striker in the absence of captain Brian McBride, and at 6’1 he is more than useful in the air.

His three-and-a-half year deal will keep him at the club until the summer of 2011, and now will be the time for him to prove himself as not only the US National Team replacement for McBride but as the long term replacement for McBride at Fulham as well. 

Best of luck Eddie.  I will see you at the grounds.



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  1. From Kansas City to London… that’ll be an interesting transition.

  2. I just wish American field players could get off of relegation-zone clubs. It’d be a shame for all of them to be in the Championship next season.

  3. I think EJ will do very well over there. This Tony guy and Micah are very tough on him. The guy still holds the US record for most goals in his 1st 7 National team appearances – with 8 goals – I’d take that many goals in an indoor season. Dempsey leads the team with 6 goals – I say EJ leads Fulham in goals by the end of the campaign.

  4. It is early to say for sure if Johnson will be be able to cope with the rough and touble play of the EPL. I am just hoping this to toughen him up a bit as I am tired of watching a 6’1 lightning quick forward constant get beat in the air and pushed off the ball. Yes he did enjoy that magical run during his first national call up but has only scored 3 goals sense then and that is unacceptable. All in all though, Johnson should supply that lethal striker mentality that Fulham need until McBride returns (3 weeks is the talk at Fulham). My biggest question is how will Johnson’s exit effect the MLS (*sniff sniff* smells like a blog approaching)

    In regards to only having Americans in the championship, lets not forget about Tim Howard at Everton and Jonathon Spector at West Ham. I will also go so far as to say that the likes of Dempsey, Bocanegra and Johnson would be quickly snatched up by other EPL clubs if Fulham were to drop.