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Nike5 Youth Elastico Review

Alright soccer parents, I’ve got the new Youth Nike5 Elastico’s and as a fellow parent, I thought I’d give you a head’s up on these shoes. Now when my son goes to buy a pair of soccer cleats, cost doesn’t generally come into his mind, he wants whatever is popular so he won’t get laughed at by the other kids on his team.

For my part, I want to buy him a pair of shoes that will be comfortable, protect his feet, and won’t fall apart mid way through the season. Unfortunately, the most popular ones are usually too expensive and of poor quality, and it ends in an argument.

For that reason alone I was relieved to see he picked out these Nike5’s, which are only $31.49 at soccerpro.com. I’m not going to pretend understand the coloring, and why its popular, but for my part I like the way they look on the field as I can always tell where he is. The shoes are also double stitched all over, most importantly where the leather connects int the sole of the shoe. This means they won’t tear away from the sole easily, and should last for at least one season depending on the surface you’re kid is playing on.

The shoes are also designed for comfort on hard court surfaces. The upper is synthetic leather, and its got a sock liner underneath to help your soccer players feet stay dry during the match. The sockliner also offers a lot of cushioning, especially on the heel and above the toes, which also softens the blows from tackles and gives a softer touch on the ball. The coolest feature in the shoe is the low-profile design, which provides great traction, and helps with ball control.

Overall, its a high quality shoe that should hold up well and is really popular right now. At $31.49 on soccerpro.com, affordable, and can even work as regular walking around shoes.

Written by: Phil, soccer dad, soccerprose.com

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Adidas Youth Predito X TRX Review

Okay, you want to find out about the Adidas Youth Predito hard ground cleats, and I want to tell you about them. Let’s do this.
Much like the Adult Predator line, this particular shoe is black with yellow stripes and cleats and is also offered in other colors. The stripe pattern is modified a little with a slight arch to each stripe, and each stripe is cut through by smaller, thinner stripes. The inside of the foot is cut by black lines and the outside is cut by silver lines. The striking surface is fenced in by yellow stitching, and the surface itself has this sweet black on yellow design that, to me, resembles the diagram people try and explain string theory with. Of course the back of the heel has the same basic design as the rest of the predator line, so no worries there. I’m not the biggest fan of some color schemes Adidas has produced, but this one definitely works. It maintains the classic boot base color with black, but it works in yellow, or what Adidas is calling “sun yellow,” really well without being obnoxious about it. I like the fact that the cleats are yellow—it just works.
I know, the shoe looks cool, but will it hold up with use? The answer, my friends, is yep. It isn’t made with full calf grain leather like the adult Predator shoes, but it’s still made with decent synthetic leather that will hold up game after game. The cleat pattern on the bottom will keep the little ones from twisting ankles and things of that nature. The insole of the shoe is soft and comfortable without sacrificing support, so, again, your kid’s feet will be protected. At $29.74 a pair, these shoes are a solid pickup for a hard ground shoe. I know it’s towards the end of the season, but, at that price, it might be worth it to pick up a pair for the start of next season!

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com

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