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Even if you wore clouds as cleats, your feet will still be tired after a long, hard game. There is nothing better than taking your cleats off and just walking off to the car barefoot, (which i do not recommend) or in an ultra comfortable pair of soccer sandals. The best pair I have found to wear are the Nike Benassi Swoosh. These are ultra comfortable soccer sandals that will help your feet feel at rest after a hard game or practice.


K.I.S.S.–keep it simple silly. Truer words have never been spoken. Nike really embraced that idea with these awesome sandals. The sandal is black with a strap that has a white Nike Swoosh across the top. After a game, you’re not so worried about how you look as just about anything will go with grass stain green, but when you do want to take these sandals off the soccer field and wear them out, they go with just about anything.


The feel on your feet is the most important thing about sandals, and these sandals are amazingly comfortable.  First off, they’re super light-weight, so you won’t feel weighed down in your after game footwear. It’s definitely better than a gym shoe. The bottom of the sandal is made of a really malleable plastic that already has the basic form of the foot molded into the shoe, but will continue to customize to your foot as you wear them more, which means increased comfort. The strap is made up of a super soft material with a lot of padding. I wore them around a lot, and the top of my foot didn’t get rubbed raw or anything like that.


You would think such an awesome cleat would cost you a pretty penny, but these sandals are priced around $20.00! Your feet will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself for getting these comfortable sandals that are great for after the game or just going to run errands.

Written by: Kendra, soccer chick, soccerprose.com


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