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  • Backed By Messi: Episode 3

    Backed By Messi: Episode 3

    After choosing the ten players lucky enough to wear his gear, then talking about how hard players have to work in training to reach the heights of world football, then the players showing what they do to get themselves hyped up for big matches; we now turn to see how […]


    Neymar Stepping It Up Without Messi

    Lionel Messi has not played for Barcelona in over a month now, yet Barcelona has still been winning matches without the brilliant Argentine. It’s always one thing to replace a star player for any amount of time, but losing arguably the best player in the world for a month? That’s […]

  • Pepsi Show off Global 2014 Football Roster

    Pepsi Show off Global 2014 Football Roster

    Pepsi has unveiled details of their superstar 2014 football squad, bringing together an unprecedented wealth of international talent to create one of the most jam packed, multi-talented and iconic lineups ever. 19 of the world’s greatest players, spanning five continents and nearly 20 countries, are uniting with Pepsi to inspire […]