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Messi is better than the CR7. He has won more head to head battles. He has more trophies in the closet. He has more winners medals in his trophy room. His national team looks more poised for international glory in the near future than Ronaldo’s. Messi is better- end of story.

Messi has something that Ronaldo will never have, and something that Ronaldo’s personality will never lend to him. Something that only training at Barcelona from a young age can give. Messi has a propensity to pass. His assist totals are consistently near the top of the charts in the Champions League and in La Liga, almost having the most assists last season (narrowly losing to Real Madrid’s Ozil) in La Liga. Who cares if that is what Barcelona has drummed into his brain, especially since it has carried over into national team appearances and if it creates more goal scoring (and winning) chances for his team.

Messi acts a way that Ronaldo will never act. Despite talent that seems much larger than his 5 ft. 7 frame and much greater than any adjective can describe, Messi is the absolute picture of professionalism. While Ronaldo basks on the beach in a speedo, Messi smiles and works hard to connect with his fans and teammates in a quiet manner. Mannerisms that endear him to millions, and a humble nature that makes it practically impossible to root against the diminutive Argentine. Sure, you will not see these aspects measured on the field, but as past greats like Pele and Maradona continue to add dark marks onto their resume by making stupid decisions or saying stupid things in the press, you really would think that if Messi stays consistent in his personality, he may only add to his legend after retirement.

Sure, you could hee-haw back and forth and say stuff that gets you out of making a definitive decision. You could say that Ronaldo and Messi have their redeeming qualities and that only history will tell which player is the greatest, but that is the coward’s way out. Messi is the best- Ronaldo needs to sit down (and put a shirt on).

Written by: Andrew McCole, writer, soccerprose.com


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