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Well the new Umbro GT Pro is out, and the color way is stunning. The sky blue fading to white look amazing on the boot, and even better against the green grass of the pitch. Since being bought by Nike, Umbro have gone through a lot of changes, both in terms of kits and shoes. You can really see the Nike influence in these boots.

If nothing else, the bright colors and fading cutting edge design should let you know Nike got a look in on the development of these boots. Also, the shoe features the Teijin leather upper, which is apparently Japanese, and forms to fit your foot after you break them in. For my part, I picked up a pair because at $140 USD, you can’t get a better quality pair at that price, and my Vapors had split more or less in half so I need some new ones. I was pretty surprised when I finally got them on and played in them.

I’ve never been a believer in Umbro cleats, and for the record I think the new jersey fabric is atrocious, but these boots may have converted me, They have the A-frame technology that Umbro pioneered years ago, meaning the boot really locks your heel into the hell cup and gives you great traction and sure footing. The problem I always with Umbro was the long studs they used in conjunction with the A-frame meant it was easy to roll your ankle, but thank to the new bladed cleats on these GT Pro’s that no longer an issue.

I also found the touch on the ball was great in these shoes as the Teijin leather makes them play like a pair of Superflys. They may not have flywire, but the A-frame serves the same purpose with only a bit more weight. Granted at 243 grams they aren’t going to stand up against an Adizero Prime or v. 1.10, but they’ll also provide better protection for your foot. Its a pretty competitive market out there right now, but if they keep making boots that perform and look like this one, I’d look for Umbro to become a big player in the future.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


About the author: Matthew Wall


I've played soccer since I could walk thanks to my father and love keeping up on all the latest gear and gab. I'm in my twenties, and I'm lucky enough to have found work in search marketing for a leading soccer retailer after completing my M.A. at Georgetown in 2008. My team is Liverpool, and national side is Ireland, but I've also got a passion for GAA and a number of sports. Feel free to give me a shout on Google+


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  1. Where can I get them? Are the sky blue and white ones even available yet?

  2. Matt,

    We were lucky enough to get an advance pair of these, they should be up for sale in the next 2 weeks. We recommend soccerpro.com as they usually have the lowest price, try this link.

  3. been looking for this one on all site where can i find it love these booths

  4. I have these cleats and I must say they are worth the price and are pretty amazing.

  5. where can I get these? got to have them!!

  6. where can i get them in size 6 ? love this boots <3 😀