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As I walked along Matt Busby Way I saw it. Just there, creeping up over a few buildings. As I continued my walk with an ever increasing pace the football cathedral began to cut an even more ominous figure into the Manchester skyline.

Before I knew it, I was standing at the giant doors of the famed Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams and the home of Ferguson’s Red and White Army, Manchester United. I had finally made it, and my pilgrimage was nearly complete.

I then spend the next several hours perusing through the Manchester United mega-store, and after forcing myself away I made it up to the museum where I stood in awe at the trophies and exhibits. I even had my picture taken with the Premier League trophy won by United last year.

After another two hours the moment finally came, when my time was called and my tour of the Theatre of Dreams began. I was mesmerized the entire time, as I walked amongst the memories made in that stadium, sat in the same locker room where the likes of Roy Keane, Eric Cantona and George Best once sat and where Giggs, Scholes, Rooney and Ronaldo still do.

After the tour, I just kind of ambled around the streets of Manchester for a bit, trying to soak it in before what was to come.

I rose early the next morning and made my way back to the grounds in hopes of getting a ticket, which after a bit of haggling I was able to obtain. So there I was, watching and waiting for the whistle that would commence the war of Manchester United and Arsenal.

I sang and cheered the entire game as United scrapped for a victory thanks to a Ronaldo penalty and punishing Owen Hargreaves free kick, and after the whistle I stayed as long as I could stand it, still trying to soak it all in.

It was an adventure that I wont soon forget, and one I encourage everybody to experience.



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  1. That is awesome! If you have any pics please throw them up there.

  2. It was arguably the greatest sight my eyes had ever seen.

    And I would have had pictures except for the fact that i forgot to charge my camera battery and had to rely on four disposable camers (all in all I took about 150 pictures with those bad boys)