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Give adidas credit, it continues to reinvent its shoes.

In an arms race with Nike to see who can stuff the most technology into the lightest boot and also make it visually appealing to the masses, both companies have pushed the envelope. The adidas Predator has long been a main stay for the “three stripes” brand. Ever since it hit the market with its external components to affect the spin and power of shots, adidas has been at the cutting edge of giving a player every advantage to hit the perfect shot.

Now the Predator itself is getting reinvented.

The adidas Predator PowerSwerve is company’s latest reincarnation of the boot. The same amenities of its Predator predecessors are there, such as kangaroo leather, a new smaller heel counter and a revamped Predator zone for shooting.  The PowerSwerve also features a new Dynamic PowerPulse that uses a Tungsten powder-filled element that shifts weight toward the point of impact as you kick, allowing more powerful shots and increased flexibility.

Low-profile elements are built into the “power zone” on the top of the boot for more power behind every shot.  Adidas has also added Predator technology into what it calls the “swerve zone” on the side of the boot for more swerve and control.  The move seems simple. What’s a great shot if you can’t pass the ball where you want it?

At just over 11 oz, the adidas Predator PowerSwerve delivers optimal performance without sacrificing anything. The Predator just got more deadly.


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