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All it took was a Carling Cup final loss for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to get antsy and begin pressuring manager Avram Grant.

Abramovich has again made his way into the British tabloids demanding that Grant begin putting a side on the pitch that not only wins, but also plays attractive and stylish football.

Oh those billionaires just want it all don’t they?

Not a patient owner, this is not the first time Abramovich has demanded his squad play the beautiful game beautifully. Abramovich and former manager Jose Mourinho often clashed on Chelsea playing prettily or grinding out 1-0 wins. While Abramovich never argued with Mourinho’s results, two Premier League titles, two League Cups, an FA Cup and the Community Shield, the two never saw eye-to-eye on the style the team should play.

Chelsea has the resources to recruit players that play an attractive style, but right now the core of the squad is more suited for the direct attacking style of the Premier League. When looking over the roster only Joe Cole stands out as the creative and stylish force. Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka are all world-class players, but their style does not always look beautiful on the pitch.

So why does Abramovich continue to force this issue on his managers. Grant is not Arsene Wenger and Chelsea is not Arsenal or Roma. A style change cannot be made on the fly during the season. It is an organizational plan and approach that has to be implemented as such. Chelsea may buy some of the most talented players in the world, but if their product on the field wins games, but is not pretty, why is Abramovich complaining?

I’ll be the first to admit that I love watching attractive football, and the flowing movement and possessions that can lead to goals. However, as a realist I want results and titles and trophies for my club. Both would be great, but substance is what matters in the end.


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  1. Here is a tip for Chelsea.

    Get rid of Avram Grant.

    Any manager who can’t rally his team when they need him most (i.e. the Carling Cup Final) needs a good gut check.