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It’s February and we all know that means that our outdoor soccer leagues will be starting up again if they haven’t already. With this in mind I’ve decided to offer up a few training ideas to get back into the swing of things, and get back to fundamentals.

Field Players

First let’s work on touch because without a good touch you’ll be chasing your opponents all over the field.

You’ve probably done this drill before but you can never do it enough. Line up with a partner about six feet apart. One partner will have the ball and will toss the ball to the other. You want to toss it just in front of them because they are going to be volleying the ball back. The player receiving the ball will start by sending the ball back to the hands of your partner with the inside of your foot. You have to be on your toes and ready for the ball to come in. Try and find the right weight to put on the volley so it doesn’t go too high or hits the ground before it gets to your partner. After doing about 20 repetitions switch. After you have both done this you will start with the first person again and this time you will touch it back with the top of your foot like a shot. Don’t hit it too hard though because you still want to put it back in the hands of your partner. The toss has to be good because if it isn’t than you won’t get anything out of the drill. After both partners have done the top of the foot you can start changing it up a little bit. Next you should toss the ball at the waist of your partner. They are to settle once with their thigh and then send the ball back before it hits the ground. From here you can move to settling on the chest and sending back and heading once and sending the ball back as well. Doing 20 repetitions of each will help you get used to touching the ball again.


We really want to emphasize fundamentals with keepers. I was a keeper myself and know that many times my fundamentals saved me.

You will need your goalkeeper gloves for this one. Start with the ball in your hands and a good amount of space to work with both in front and to your sides. Roll the ball out about five feet in front of you to your right. Practice going to the ball and picking it up. Make sure that you get one foot near its side and your other foot directly behind it. Bend your knees and get your hands down almost on the ground, keeping your pinky fingers touching and scoop the ball up. Bring it up into your basket (clutching the ball to your chest with your forearms facing forward). Having one foot directly behind the ball will help you when you have balls rolling in at you. If the ball slips through your hands your foot will be behind you to save you. Do this to both sides. You will be moving forward as well as to the side because you always want to be attacking the ball. Do 10 repetitions on each side. Next you will roll the ball like before but this time you will be rolling down to get the ball. To start off go slow. Roll the ball to the right. You want to make sure that you get your right foot out at an angle towards the ball. Bring your body lower and prepare your hands to attack the ball. Make your move to the ball and make sure you are always diving forward. Be smooth and make your hands momentum move the ball from its original spot. Roll down on your side from your knee to your hip to your side as you get closer. Make sure to stay on your side and don’t roll to your back. As you are going down remember to bring your left leg to a 90 degree angle for protection. Do this to the left as well but go with your left foot first. You can do this drill 10 times to each side as well. Lastly toss the ball up three feet in front of you and about 10 feet into the air. Go up and get it with your hands at the highest point possible. Remember to bring your leg up again for jumping power and protection. If the ball is to your left take off on your left leg and bring your right up. If the ball is to your right take off on your right leg and bring your left up. Do this 10 times as well.

Both of these drills can work well as warm-ups before you get into more extensive drills. Hopefully these drills will help work out any rust you may have had and help you improve your game as well

Any other ideas for getting back in the swing of things? Let us know.


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  1. This sounds like a great way to get back in the grove of things for the Spring. With the keepers another simple way to keep back in the habit of taking a nice forward powerstep as well as getting used to the ground again. First grab a partner; have your partner backpedal slowly while tossing the ball side to side having the keeper collapse diving on each side. As you go you can speed up the process to work on a quick reload as well.