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As I sat in the stands and watched West Ham steal a victory from Fulham, I couldn’t help but notice that even though the team sits at the bottom of the table and can’t seem to get any momentum going, the fans are still completely behind the squad.

And that doesn’t go on for five minutes here and there.

Oh no.

This goes on all game long. Winning or losing.  Raining or, well ok, probably raining.

It is this kind of whole-hearted, unsullied passion that MLS teams need. It doesn’t have to be anything creative. Just something like this:

(For FC Dallas supporters)

Super Ken, Super Ken, Super Kenny Cooper!

Or even…

Oh when the Hoops, go marching in, Oh when the Hoops go marching in, Oh how I want to be in that number, Oh when the Hoops go marching in.

You see. It’s that easy.

Dare I say that we might see a bit more passion on the field if we can get a bit more passion from those of us off the field, and no, teenage girls screaming for David Beckham to take his shirt off does not count as passion.

Start a chant, make up a song, do just about anything, use the fan forums to help stimulate your creative juices, throw in a few jibes about your rivals and lets have some fun in the stands.



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  1. It can happen in the United States. You see it in college sports. Texas A&M has yell practices for its students. The stronger the sense of tradition the easier it is create that environment. This will be a tough challenge for the MLS. At just 12 years old it hasn’t been around long enough to give its fans a strong sense of history. Although, FC Toronto seems to be doing a good job.

  2. Don’t we all want to scream when Beckham takes his shirt off…..no wait – that’s Mrs. Spice!!

  3. I think American sports culture is also a factor. Americans have been trained to cheer by instruction from scoreboards and PA systems at specific junctures.

  4. Well then, as soon as I get back, I will lead a full fledged revolution to get some songs going in the MLS stadiums

  5. I’m with you, but just to let you know…I can’t sing worth a lick.

  6. Sadly, the only real crowd involvement you see in American sports is the wave(so very sad.) I must admit as soon as we find a MLS team in St. Louis I’ll jump on the MLS bandwagon and show some support. You might even find me singing the songs of the Lou as well.