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It hasn’t been easy being Ronaldinho recently. Constant transfer rumors, loss of form issues, weight issues and the constant reflection in the mirror of that very equine-looking face.

That aside, it is almost definite that Ronnie will dominate the headlines this transfer season. Tabloids across Europe are already kicking into fifth gear with new rumors swirling every day about where the former best player in the world might end up. Almost all of them agree it won’t be back at the Nou Camp with Barcelona.

A few days ago we gave our best guess that Ronaldinho and his buck-toothed smile would end up at AC Milan when it’s all said and done. Who knows? He still might. However this is not about where Ronnie will be at the end of the summer, this is about what league and club would be the best fit for him.

Let’s start with the main contenders:

AC Milan

Well Silvio Berlusconi certainly has the money and he has a thing for bringing Brazilian players to Milan. However, Kaka and Ronaldinho, while being two of the finest players in the world, have never entirely clicked together on or off the field. How would Ronnie do playing second fiddle again after falling behind Lionel Messi at Barca? Also, with the recent addition of Mathieu Flamini to the midfield, Milan has quite a crowded lot. Ronaldinho would certainly have to be much more of a forward than even an attacking midfielder. However, Milan is an old team and need an infusion of youth and exuberance, things that Ronnie used to bring, but has since lost some of their luster with him.

Of the leagues in Spain, England and Italy I believe Spain or Italy would suit him best so that would work for his move.

Inter Milan

Italy’s other powerhouse seems like a perfect fit. It is a club that seems to draw together dysfunctional stars and that has worked for them the past two years as they close in on a third straight Scudetto.

While Inter has had domestic success it has not faired well in Europe recently. Ronaldinho has a Champions League title and big-game pedigree that could help lift Inter over the hump.

Also, money is not a problem for the transfer and wages and again Serie A would fit Ronaldinho’s playing style well. And it’s also a Nike club.


Blues owner Roman Abramovich has been a long-time Ronaldinho admirer and has wanted to bring the Brazilian in for quite some time. Without question money is not a problem.

Where Ronaldinho would fit in with Chelsea’s side however, is. Unless Frank Lampard and Michael Ballack depart, there are already two world-class center/attacking mids for Chelsea. Could Ronnie play a little higher up as an accessory to Drogba or whoever is leading the attack?

Also, Ronaldinho’s style doesn’t seem to fit the fast and furious nature of the Premier League. Ronaldinho likes his time on the ball of flicks and dinks and jukes. Unless he recaptures his form of a couple of years ago where he WENT AT defenders and put them on their heels he won’t find the time and freedom he likes. It will also be a shock moving into the more physical Premier League, especially if his conditioning is not up to par.

On the outside looking in:

Manchester City

The money is there, but would Ronaldinho really take this step back? A positive, he would definitely be THE MAN again and that might be more important to him than some think.

This just doesn’t feel like the right fit for him at age 28. Maybe in a few more years if his form continues to fall and he is solely getting by on his name alone.


No chance. Too many bridges burned and Messi is the star the club wants to build around anyways.

So who knows where Ronaldinho will end up? According to this it seems like Inter could be his best match, but that will remain to be seen, just be ready for the onslaught of rumors as a summer approaches in which Ronaldinho will dominate the headlines.


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  1. All I’m sayin’ is that I think he should go to Arsenal. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  2. Tony – come on – you can’t be serious. Only if Fabregas leaves – you can’t want the best young central midfielder in the world learning from a guy who let’s himself get way out of shape. Plus (I can’t believe I am going to say this) Phil is right – Ronnie doesn’t do well as a 2nd fiddle – just ask Barca and Messi.

  3. Tony thanks for the (sort of) endorsement.
    Ronaldinho just doesn’t fit Arsenal’s MO. It would be a huge break in character for Wenger to bring him in.

  4. Isn’t that what Arsenal fans are asking for? They get close put can’t break through. I think it works. Change is good.