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I’m not always the biggest fan of the high-end goalkeeper gloves, but the Reusch Keon Pro Duo is an excellent glove for the keeper that plays in all conditions, at the competitive level.

What I really liked about this glove was the cushioning. This is the type of glove that you want on your hands while playing at the most competitive level of soccer, because it protects your hands from hard shots. The palm dampens the ball and absorbs hard shots, while the backhand contains extra cushioning for punching. I also really liked the abrasion resistance at the bottom of the palm. It helps protect the palm, so that when I dive, the glove doesn’t get torn up so easily. The pull-down wrist wrap was easy to put on and easy to adjust. This is also a plus, as I like to readjust my goalkeeper gloves after almost every dive.

The one downside to this glove, in my opinion, was the Ortho-Tec spines. I’m a goalkeeper that likes flexibility in a glove. The Ortho-Tec spines definitely limit flexibility, but they are highly protective. You won’t be jamming when you’re wearing this pair of goalie gloves. The shot would have to break the spines in order to break your finger! The good news about wearing this glove during a game, however, is that the fingers are pre-splayed in the ready position, so flexibility is not as important as in some other gloves.

For me, I prefer the Keon Deluxe, which is a similar glove (in some aspects), but does not contain the Ortho-Tec spines. This is definitely a personal preference, however, as I am more prone toward flexible gloves.

Other than that, I’d definitely recommend the Keon Pro Duo. It has great grip in all kinds of weather, it’s durable, and it’s protective. At $150, it is an investment, but remember, these gloves are more durable than most. So instead of buying two $100 gloves within one year, you’re only buying one. It’s a great choice for the competitive goalkeeper, and definitely gets the job done.

Written by: Bonnie Kuhn, goalkeeper guru, soccerprose.com

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About the author: Matthew Wall


I've played soccer since I could walk thanks to my father and love keeping up on all the latest gear and gab. I'm in my twenties, and I'm lucky enough to have found work in search marketing for a leading soccer retailer after completing my M.A. at Georgetown in 2008. My team is Liverpool, and national side is Ireland, but I've also got a passion for GAA and a number of sports. Feel free to give me a shout on Google+


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  1. Thank you for this review. As i am looking to buy a pair of gloves, this came very useful to me. I would just recommend that you should talk also about the other features of the glove like the cut or the protection when punching. Again, thank you very much.

  2. What are your opinions on the Keon Delux gloves WITH Ortho-Tec spines? What is the difference in those gloves and these? I noticed the Delux are $10 more than these on WSS and Eurosport, but they look exactly the same in terms of material. Also I think your review is dead-on, I noticed these gloves were the first ones I could use (after trying many Adidas and Nike gloves) that allowed me to make one-handed saves in confidence of not further injuring an already damaged hand. Also the first gloves that instead of punching I can simply let the ball hit my palms and the glove absorbs all of the blow of the hard shot as the ball lands a foot in front of me for an easy pick-up. I also noticed the lack of flexibility but that the grip and catching ability of the glove was so superb it didn’t matter a whole heck of a lot. On the negative side, these gloves are hard to get on and I tore up one glove a bit because I accidentally grabbed the velcro of the glove with the palm of the other. I can easily use a size 9 in Adidas (but prefer 10 due to the looser fit) whereas the size 9 of these won’t even fit on my hand and the size 10 is still a struggle to get on an are extremely tight and a little constricting on the wrist/hand.

  3. Yeti,

    We totally, agree. We really like the Ortho-Tec spines as you can take them out and mess with them to shift the flexibility to some degree. It seems that so long as you play on the right surface the palms holds up better than Uhlsport models, and much better the Nike and Adidas stuff pretty well. They fit my hand true to size, but it sounds likea 10 would best for you.

    Also, they’re cheaper on this site: http://www.soccerpro.com/Reusch-Keon-Deluxe-G1-Ortho-Tec-White-with-Lime-p11623/

  4. Oddly enough, that’s the site I got them from. I usually go through Eurosport but saw those ones on that site and decided to give em a go. I haven’t messed with the spines yet as I haven’t found need to but as I use the gloves more I might try a few different things with them. I’m probably going to discontinue using them on indoor as the surface isn’t very friendly towards gloves of any kind.

  5. Reusch make a gloves called the Raptor Pro D1 for indoor surfaces that we tested and it held up pretty well. Indoor is just so rough on everything that they still wear down quickly, but their onyl $74.99 on Amazon and are probably worth it to protect your better pair. The best guide we found to gloves for any surface is in the Reusch catalog so you might want to send away for one.

    Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Reusch-Raptor-Pro-Goalie-Gloves/dp/B003D62IEO

    If you can’t fin them there just Google them I’m sure Reusch has some.

  6. Thanks, I found some on a British website. D1′ Raptors with Ortho-Tec designed for maximum protection, which is what I need. They were about $5 more than Amazon but I was able to customize them with my name for a small fee and after shipping total was only about $105 which isn’t bad at all considering they’re coming from England and that I’m used to spending $125-150 for gloves anyways.

  7. Glad you got something that works. Reusch makes great stuff, but unless you get the right palm, denoted by the “G1” “Di” etc they don’t last. If you ever need another pair from a US based retailer we work with one on some advertising and they said they can get whatever you’d need.

  8. Wow that’s awesome, I’m always looking to buy new gloves and after using the recent Reusch pair I bought (Keon Delux G1 Ortho-Tec) I definitely think the Reusch brand is the one I’ll be using over any other. What do the letters stand for in terms of the palm? D1 = Max durability, M1 = Maximum Grip? G1 = ? Also where/how should I contact you concerning a purchase if I did want to get something? I don’t want to clutter your blog post anymore than it already has been.

  9. Reusch have a link to their catalog with the explanation of all the palms on their site you can download as a .pdf for free on reusch.com under the product section. The letters and grades are detailed in there along with a breakdown of each individual glove. We use it as our goalie glove bible and its worth a peek. As for contacting soccerpro.com about the gloves, I spoke to their Director of Advertising and he said he can take care of whatever you need. His email is matt@soccerpro.com.

    Let me know if we can help you out with anything else, we love to help out our readers!

  10. Thank you sir, I appreciate your efforts.