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Big signings, bigger pay checks and an array of flashy goals. I admit it, I often fall victim to getting caught up in the title race. Then again I do support the mighty Manchester United, (and just to clarify I have been supporting United since the days of Eric Cantona and when David Beckham wore No. 10) and am thus forced to track every title-chasing detail. However there is more to soccer than the Big Four and their buckets of money. I suggest we all take a step back and stand in awe of the passion and grit of the relegation battle. If a title chasing team loses they might give up some ground or miss out on that bonus that will finance their next sports car, but if a relegation battling team loses it could spell disaster, and not just for the team. You see, a relegation battling team is playing for a whole lot more than three points. They are playing for themselves (nobody wants to put “Relegated to Championship on their resume). They are playing for the fans that have braved the wind and the rain to cheer on the lads as they press for that one last goal. And They are playing for the club because the loss of that Premier League status means the loss of a lot of money that could send the club into a financial tail spin. So next time you get the chance, tune in for one of those relegation battling teams (my guess is that it will be Fulham playing somebody because the American soccer channels enjoy following the U.S. National Team in England) and you will undoubtedly see that determination in the eyes of the players as they try desperately to survive for just one more season. Cheers!

P.S. Just a quick note, if you get the chance to watch one of the Championship playoff games for that coveted third spot in the Premier League spot I fully recommend you capitalize, and I assure you that you will be watching the most passionate and exciting game you have ever seen.


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