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Puma are trying to revamp their cleat lines with their release of the new evoSPEED and now the new Puma Powercat 1.12 has been released and it looks great. The style, feel, and technology go great together to give an awesome overall cleat. If you have been watching Euro 2012, you have noticed that Cesc Fabregas has been wearing these cleats and they have definitely been helping him to get some goals. He already has two goals in two games at Euro 2012, which isn’t a bad strike rate.


These cleats are a mix of white, red, and blue. The colors go very nicely with one another and provide a very visually appealing end product. The upper is made of soft K-leather, which provides a great fit and awesome comfort. A nice feature on these cleats is the Puma 3D PST on the front on the cleat. This area on the cleat features two unique textures that help with power and grip. The Puma 3D PST does not absorb energy when you kick the ball, which helps increase your kicking power. Another feature that helps with striking accuracy is the off-center lacing. This helps increase the striking area and allows for the Puma 3D PST to dominate your striking area. This cleat also gives you great traction with the bladed stud configuration on the bottom.


These cleats feel as good as they look. The K-leather molds to your foot as you break them in, which provides an extremely comfortable cleat. This cleat has a TPU-injected heel counter that helps provide great stability and support. The sockliner is soft, so it helps prevent uncomfortable rubbing on your ankles and the raised heel helps prevent your heel from slipping. These Puma cleats are much more comfortable than previous models as Puma is trying to become relevant again with their new designs.


These cleats are very comfortable. Before the evoSPEED and the new Powercat 1.12, I was not a huge Puma cleat fan. Their shoes have always been comfortable, but their cleats were always a little uncomfortable in my opinion. With the new designs being released, Puma have helped change this and these cleats in particular are very comfortable and durable. The technology offers great features that can help you improve your game. They are on sale now at SoccerPro.com, so check them out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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