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I’m a pretty big indoor soccer player, mostly in the warehouse at work with the guys, but occasionally on the weekends, and I picked up a pair of Nike5 Elasticos a few weeks ago. I have to say, I love these shoes. The first thing you notice is the slick looks these shoes is the iconic coloring. these things we’re instant classics the moment Nike put them up for sale and I love the Mandarin ones I grabbed.

The shoes themselves are comfortable, durable, and have a great touch on the ball. The upper is made from synthetic leather, and it overlays the toe and medial of the shoe so that they last as long as your foot fits them. The EVA sockliners also make the shoes fit really well around your foot as they are cushion, and give support where you need it by filling any space under the arch of your foot. It also runs over the top of your foot, and even under the shoe tongue, so you’ll have a soft touch and not feel those tackles.

The insoles on these shoes are also really comfortable and contour to the natural movement of your feet once you break them in. The sole itself is really low profile, which may make you hesitant to buy them as this can sometimes lead shoes to wear out quickly, or be uncomfortable. Thats not the case at all with these Elasticos. The sole holds up well, and I wear mine around town, not just on the court or in the warehouse. The fins on the bottom of the sole are also great for ball control, especially on an indoor court surface where the ball can have a tendency to glide rather than roll.

Overall, their a great pair of shoes, and I love the new White with Volt green colors. At $34.99 on soccerpro.com, there a great shoe for a great price, and you can probably afford to pick up more than one color.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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