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Hello all! Every once in a while here at SoccerProse we come across a shoe we like that isn’t necessarily the best functional shoe–in this case, it’s the Nike5 Elastico. The Nike5 Elastico is a great looking shoe, but it lacks the sturdiness that will provide the comfort you want in a shoe when playing. So if you’re looking for a better quality futsal shoe, I’d recommend the Nike5 Elastico Pro; you’ll still have the same great look, but overall you will be much happier when playing. Anyway, there are still some great qualities the Nike5 Elastico provides that you may be interested in, so I’ll let you know about them.


I’m not really a fan of bright colored obnoxious shoes, but futsal is an entirely different game. People show off their skills every chance they get, so a fancy shoe fits right in. The front of the shoe is a white leather that bubbles off into a deep “varsity” red; there are “volt cherry”, or hot pink, elements all over these Nike soccer shoes that add an extra pizazz for the guy who likes to keep it funky and fun. I’d say that this a good color scheme because the shoes mirror the open and free style of futsal.


Futsal shoes are supposed to be low, so you can be close to the ground and allow for a lot of foot movement. These shoes offer great flexibility and don’t have a lot on the bottom of the shoe to elevate you too much. The problem with that is very little arch offered arch support. When you first put the shoes on, they will be very comfortable and feel great on your foot, but as you begin to move around and play changing directions, accelerating, and pounding on your feet you will notice your feet feel more stressed. Playing with tired, sore, and hurt feet is the worst, so it’s not really the best option, especially if you have to play more than one game in a day.

What’s it even good for?

Well not absolutely nothing! As i mentioned earlier, I really like the look of these shoes, and I’d say they would translate well to a street style shoe. The combination of the basic white, deep red, and hot pink will look good with a lot of  things guys will wear. If you’re not running around and putting a lot of stress on your foot by stopping and starting quickly, these shoes can be really comfortable for every day activity.


These may not be shoes I recommend for futsal, but these shoes would be great walking down the street with your everyday style. The shoe is priced at $50.00 and will last you a long time, so you can literally wear them out! If you’re looking for a better shoe, try out the Nike5  Elastico Pro. You will be much happier with the quality of the shoe.

Written by: Kendra, soccer chick, soccerprose.com


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