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Indoor soccer allows players to stay at the top of their game during the winter months, and serious players need a serious indoor soccer shoe that will perform on the hard court. Too many years of my life I attempted to play indoor with regular running shoes, but with today’s advancements, indoor shoes can put you in more control of your game. The Nike5 Elastico Finale is an excellent choice for those still searching for their perfect indoor shoes. Futsal, and indoor soccer in general, requires an excellent first touch, and great ball control to be successful. Here are some of the reasons why I feel the Nike5 Elastico Finale could be perfect for you.

Fit: The kangaroo leather upper makes my foot feel at home, like a baby kangaroo in its mother’s pouch. But seriously these are extremely comfortable. Molded sockliner and all over Kanga-Lite leather hug my foot tight while remaining comfortable. The lacing of the shoe is very similar to that on the Nike CTR360 Maestri II’s (which I went into way to great of detail on my last review, refer to that for further investigation) making for an overall great fit.

Technology: Like I stated earlier, the biggest key to being successful in indoor is ball control. When you play in a small area, players are able to cover the field faster, and it requires closer touches on the ball to keep it away from opponents. The kanga-lite leather is dotted around the toe of the shoe with synthetic dimples that should allow for better touch on that surface of the shoe. Dotted and rectangular rubber grips are on the inside of the foot, and reach around to the bottom of the shoe. This allows you to have superior control when rolling the ball around with the bottom of the foot. Too many times when I would play indoor my shoes had no traction, and rolling the ball around with the bottom of my feet was merely impossible, a problem that seems to be resolved by these Nike5 Elastico’s.

Critique: I have never been one to showcase my uniqueness via flamboyant soccer shoes, so the Red on Red design doesn’t make my heart skip a jump, but I can respect the style. The Kanga-Lite leather is “varsity” red with the rubber dimples and grips on the shoe are “solar” red, making for a cool two-toned effect. Personally I would probably go for the white with grey trim Nike5 Elastico’s, but just by my nature. For $99.99 you will be getting the highest quality indoor shoe available, guaranteed.

Serious soccer players NEED a good pair of indoor shoes, futsal can elevate your game to new heights. With the Nike5 Elastico indoor shoes you will not be held back from your opponents, but rather you’ll gain an advantage on the court.

-Mason, still conspiracizing


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