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The New Year is kicking off wonderfully at the shop, and we’re hoping things continue with the addition of some fresh colorways for several boots. Today I’d like to look at the Nike5 Bomba Pro in Metallic Dark Grey with Electric Green. The Bomba line has certainly seen some ballin’ colorways, but this one takes the cake. Sure, at first glance, there’s not much going on, but that’s precisely why I love it; at times, these low-cut types of boots can get bogged down in chaos, in too many elements, but Nike did a superb job with this rendition.

From the side view, the primary point of attraction is going to be the Swoosh’s electric green border. Given that the rest of the upper is metallic grey, save the green “NIKE” stamped on the inner heel, the primary focal point is no mystery. The metallic luster of the upper certainly causes your eye to float, but it has an alluring quality to it that other principally dark soccer shoes simply do not. The upper almost seems to have a fluid quality to it that would lead one to believe it’s made of something other than natural leather. Rest assured, though, the upper is natural leather. The luster and carefully chosen accenting green elements combine for a sleek boot that contains a classic quality as well as an ostentatious side. The final piece is the boot’s low profile; this conveys agility and speed as soon as you lace a pair to your feet. The green sole accents at the toe and heel are icing on the cake for the boot’s appearance; even if they were gray, I’d still love the look.

As far as construction goes, these are the same as they’ve always been. There’s plenty of grip in the sole, owing to the numerous short studs as well as the rubber. If you’re looking for arch support, well, there isn’t much to be had with these boots. The arch cuts tight and is low, so keep that in mind; those with narrow feet will find these boots right up their alley. Double stitching across the forefoot and heel provides ample reinforcement against friction, while proper bonding between upper and sole wards off premature splitting. All-in-all, it’s a well-crafted boot designed to withstand the abuse of playing turf; if you’re playing pretty frequently, they should last you over a season, possibly approaching two seasons. Don’t expect them to make it through several seasons of frequent play, though.

Retailing at $74.99, these boots would be worth the money for both frequent turf players as well as occasional turf players. The one caveat with that statement is longevity—if you have one or two seasons left before hanging them up, you may want to check out the regular Bombas, which retail for $54.99. If you have several seasons to go, then certainly check out the Pro version.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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