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Welcome to the Ultimate Futsal Shoe. Nike has decided to go bold in its brand new design of the Nike5 Bomba Finale, available in yellow. At first glance, the shoe is a terrific design for turf environments. The bottom of the shoe has hexagonal turf pieces in the forefoot and heel of the shoe, which is relatively standard for this type of shoe. However, the real impressive feature on the Bomba is the circular rubber studs on the outer edges of the shoe to give a player further balance when taking sharp corners. I tested this out for myself and found my cuts to be very sharp and movement to be quite fluid.

Off-set lacing in the Nike5 Bomba also help to add a ton of surface area for striking the ball. The lacing does not feel awkward and actually is more comfortable than most symmetrical lacing systems in boots. Did I also mention these are incredibly comfortable shoes? A molded Ortholite sock-liner helps increase cushioning so your feet feel like they are resting on your pillow at home. What a glorious feeling that is, right? But what is the real differentiation with the shoe? The Kanga-Lite upper material.

Kanga-Light is a new material that Nike has developed to keep the Nike 5 Series lightweight and durable, maintaining the fit, feel and stretch of traditional leather but maintaining integrity and fit qualities over the life of the boot. Kanga-Lite’s engineered properties also mean the upper does not absorb moisture in wet conditions. The result is boots that are built light and stay light over the course of a game. Lighter boots over the course of the game means improved stamina in the late stages of matches.

The Nike5 Bomba is an excellent turf and futsal shoe that will hold up in nearly any condition. The lightweight design is perfect for long matches and the Kanga-Lite material provides a great touch on the ball. Overall, I’m loving it.

Written by Chris Behrens, writer for soccerprose.com


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