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Hey girls,

Cristie here again and this time I’ve got some classy Women’s Nike Tiempo Legends that I reviewed courtesy of Nike. Now like most of us soccer chicks out there, I’ve spent years buying men’s shoes because I can’t get a decent pair of women’s cleats, so I was excited to see these come in the door. The first thing I notice about these soccer shoes is the red tag on them that says “crafted for women” on the top of the laces. I was pretty skeptical of these shoes, but as soon as put them on I changed my mind.

The upper of the shoes is made of calf leather just like the men’s Tiempo Legends I’m so fond of, but the fit of the shoes is completely different. They are shorter and narrower than the men’s versions I’m used to, and fit a lot better around the sides of my feet, hugging them tightly, but not so much that they feel cramped. I also like the look of the shoes, the black is great compliment to the white swooshes and lines, and highlights the stitching in a way that gives them fashionable lines. The long toe also makes you feet look long and slender in the while the lace cut across. And I love the red accents.

The inside of the shoe has a sockliner, so your feet won’t wet or sweaty cause no girl wants that, and the heel cup really help hold your foot in the shoes while giving a little extra protection. Comfort is the most thing for me, and these definitely pass the test. The insoles are super soft. and I can’t feel the cleats through the shoes even on concrete. The cleat pattern is the same as the men’s Tiempo Legends and I don’t have any problem running, stopping, or cutting in them.

Overall, I like the look of these soccer shoes, the way they fit me, and how comfortable they are. You will need some time to break them in, but the only real downside is they tend to get heavy when its raining, but that no surprise.

Written by: Christie, futbol fashonista, soccerprose.com

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  1. Where other than a situation in which you are looking to camouflage your identity would these soccer shoes actually serve a purpose?2. Its a known fact and though Im not discounting that other new soccer shoes cause sores on your feet the size of Texas or at least a dot in Texas Im not discounting that Texas exists either.