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Happy Friday to all of you readers out there—I trust the day finds you happy and well with the weekend knocking on the door. There are a few items on today’s agenda, but for now let’s pick up on the Nike Total90 Shoot III Turf Shoes in the metallic blue and volt colorway. That’s certainly a mouthful to say, but this has got to be my favorite colorway for the shoot/strike/laser line of boots. These Nike soccer shoes have a lot more going for them than just the colorway, though that isn’t to say they’re perfect.

As I said, I really love this colorway. The instep, with the touch compound, is a volt color that runs from the inside of the big toe all the way to the start of the heel in one piece of material. It still has the same touch plates as the firm ground shoes as well; there are four such plates in black. On the other side of the shoe is the “metallic blue,” which is basically a lustrous blue/grey color. The Nike swoosh makes its appearance in volt with a black outline, and the tail of the swoosh ends at the back of the heel, about where your Achilles tendon is. The lacing is a bit off centered, though not completely side lacing. This allows for the touch plates and such to exist at all and opens up the shoe for greater contact area with the ball. The final touch, for me, is the subtle grey “T90” stamped on the inside of the heel. It balances the look of the shoe; especially with the large swoosh on the opposite side. Kudos, Nike.

When I put these shoes on, my first thought was, “what is this sorcery!?” because Nike shoes never fit my feet comfortably due to my foot width. However, these shoes weren’t constricting in any capacity. If anything, they’re almost too wide at the heel. I normally wear a size 9, but I could see fitting an 8.5 to get a more snug fit. One thing to notice about these shoes versus the firm ground is that the lacing is a lot wider. You can certainly pull the laces tighter to cinch the gap a little, but then you may run into circulation issues.

Aside from the lacing width, though, these are truly comfortable. They’re balanced as far as pressure goes, and the insole provides excellent comfort with the right blend of firmness/softness. They’re also built to last by utilizing single blocks of material for each part rather than a patchwork of material. There’s plenty of stitching around the tension points, so tearing won’t be an issue. I do have a concern with the toe, however. I always prefer the toe to be stitched instead of glued because it ensures proper resistance against wear and tear. Gluing tends to be less sturdy, though it ultimately depends on how much of a beating the shoes receive. You don’t really have much to worry about if you’re playing on turf every once in a while. Despite a couple hang ups, these are still quality shoes that are worth every penny of the $49.49 price tag from soccerpro (retail: $54.99)

Written by: Kris Dyer, co-editor, soccerprose.com


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