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So the new Total 90 Laser’s are out, and I have to say I’ve taken quite a shine to the colors used. The majority of the boot is a deep glossy black color, with the element staying mostly black as well which makes the green color on the touch pods really pop. Also, the swoosh is bright white, and outlined in the same bright green on the touch pods meaning the boots arte muted, but still flashy. For my part, I’m more of traditional color kind of guy, so they really appeal to my sense of the classic football boot, but at the same time have the splash of color that I need to keep them interesting. Just because I don’t want to wear the recent Safari Edition Superfly, which I think are the soccer equivalent of a Dolce and Gabana handbag. Anyway, the boots look class.

As for the feature, we’ve all heard about the inspiration behind these soccer shoes by now. Supposedly, the brief and inspiration for these shoes comes from clinical research that shows you can reduce the energy a player need to expend per step if wear lighter shoes. I could have told them that for less than they spent on the research, but it’s good to know the R&D department at Nike won’t be unemployed anytime soon. This is supposed to give players the edge at the end of the match. Of course if everyone is wearing superlights, than everyone is doing about the same, and if you had trained your players properly, this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. Maybe I have a future at Nike after all?

As for the fins and other technology, it seems to actually work. The fins on the instep do help me get spin on the ball, but where I notice the real improvement is accuracy on the volley, which ideal for a tall person like me who often jumps in on the run to slot a quick one into the net. The touch pods help with getting the ball to stick to your feet, and the nearest thing I can compare it too is the touch compound on an Adidas futsal shoe. It creates increased friction in order make the ball slow down and stick to your foot, basically it’s like playing with sticky tape on your instep.

The carbon fibre soleplate is another nice feature as its super flexible and when combined wit the sockliner I don’t get blisters from the cleats when I’m on the run. I also like the cleat pattern as it’s designed for stability and help when you are cutting on the run. Overall, it a great shoe, with some decent technology, and the new color looks great. At $200.00, I still think they are a great deal.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


About the author: Matthew Wall


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