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For the majority of my competitive soccer career, the Nike Tiempo Legend was my cleat of choice. After wearing the original Legend’s, I tried to change cleats and the comfort was not the same on any other cleat. Therefore, I went back to the Legend’s and have remained loyal to them ever since. With the arrival of the new Nike Clash Collection, the classic cleat has received a minor face-lift, but the classic look is still there.


One of the great things about the Tiempo Legend line is the fact that they have a classic style. Even if the accent colors change a little bit, the main colors are normally either white or black. This is really nice, especially in today’s cleat world. With all the bright colors that are on cleats now, it is nice to still have a relatively plain cleat. That is why it is nice, even though the Clash Collection style is different than previous models, the cleat still incorporates only white and black. The front half of the cleat is white and the back half is black. Out of the four cleats featured in the clash collection, this one is the plainest by far, and that is a good thing. This cleat is a professional’s cleat. It is not meant to be flashy or take the focus. It is made to allow the player to be comfortable and allow the focus to be on you instead of your flashy cleats.


This cleat is incredibly comfortable. The upper is made of a Kangaroo leather/Kanga-Lite synthetic leather mix. This provides great comfort on your foot, great touch on the ball, and a durable cleat that should last a while. This cleat has a suede heel to help prevent slipping and irritation while you are playing. This also helps to prevent blisters, which are always painful and uncomfortable. Speaking of blisters, the kangaroo leather upper also breaks in very nicely, which will help prevent blisters as well. Once you break these cleats in, its like wearing slippers, they’re so comfortable. An interesting thing about these cleats is the use of bladed and rounded studs. In the heel, there are bladed studs and the front of the cleat has rounded studs to give great traction, while dispersing pressure from the studs to give you an amazingly comfortable cleat.


If you are looking for a reliable cleat that is comfortable but not too flashy, the Tiempo Legend’s are perfect for you. The mix of kangaroo leather and Kanga-Lite synthetic leather give a durable cleat that has an incredible touch on the ball. The split design between black and white also looks good and provides a nice change of pace for the Legend design without using bright colors. Right now, you can get the Tiempo Legend’s at SoccerPro.com for $143.99, and enjoy the cleat players will be wearing at Euro 2012.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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