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Good afternoon, folks! It seems that nature has made up its mind and finally ushered in spring, the season of new life. That said, I’d like to take this opportunity to possibly breathe some new life into the black and gold Nike Tiempo Legend soccer boots. They’re solid boots that I think may have gotten lost in the torrent of loud and bright colorways over the past couple of seasons, so hopefully I can sway at least a few of you into checking out a more classic styled boot.

I should preface this paragraph by saying that I’m not against brightly colored boots; however, I believe the classic black boots are getting the short end of the stick. Alright, now we’ve got that put away, let’s get into the boots. The look of them is simple and classy. The boot is black all over with a white Nike Swoosh on either side of the foot, outlined in gold. “Tiempo” is also stamped in gold on the outside of the heel, which I think makes for a cool touch. The heel has the most stylistic action with a white wishbone strip that runs under the heel all the way to the balls of the foot on the soleplate. The cleats start off black, then segment into a gold band and finish with a clear bottom. So, yeah, there isn’t a whole lot going on with these boots, but that’s what I like about them. They let your feet do the talking, and they’ll be there to support your feet for some time to come.

The Tiempo Legends are made of Kangaroo Leather, which just so happens to be my favorite material for boots. It isn’t the lightest material, but it does provide great flexibility, comfort and durability. In terms of size, these boots run pretty true to size. I wear a size 9, and I felt comfortable in a 9 with these boots. My feet are a little wider, so these boots were pretty snug. I’d suggest taking this into account if your feet are in the same boat. The boots will certainly stretch with use given that they’re leather, but that won’t be all that helpful if your toes start out scrunched up over top of one another. Another aspect these soccer shoes have going for them is the cleat pattern and placement. At the front of the foot are conical cleats with two horizontal blade cleats placed underneath the balls of the foot. The back of the foot has 4 blunt blades placed fairly close together. Normally, I’m not one to get too excited about mixed cleat styles, but it works for the Legend. They provide plenty of stability and support, especially when making quick cuts. You won’t be losing your balance or footing 99% of the time with these boots. To round out these boots, the heel cup is very strong and sturdy without being restrictive. If you’ve been having problems with your heel, I’d strongly suggest taking this into account.

Soccerpro.com has these boots listed on clearance at $119.99, though they retail at $139.99. For a classic, kangaroo leather boot, this is a pretty good price. They’ll certainly last you a season, if not two or three, and I think they’ll become the boot you don’t want to get rid of once broken in. If you’re in the market for a new pair of boots and feel like giving real leather a chance, definitely look into the Legends.

Written by: Kris Dyer, legend, soccerprose.com

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