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The word “Superfly” can be heard around the office almost daily, but making their way to my feet is something never before seen. Today, I’ve decided to slip the orange peels onto my feet just to say I have…and collect my thoughts in an organized manner for interested people like you to learn more. The Nike Vapor Superfly III will be hopping off the shelves and onto the feet of thousands for the fall season, here’s some reasons why these will be the perfect addition to your arsenal.

Style: Metallic Hematite and Orange Peel all over, these superflys combine the powers of fruit and metal to create one super-child. Not normally a fan of shoes that scream “Hey look at me!” with their use of bright colors, but orange happens to be one of my favorite colors.. so I’m torn. The design is the same as the other Superfly III’s so you will recognize the graphic on the inside of the foot and covering the heel, but I think that this color scheme looks better than the others.

Fit: I have a fairly wide foot which is the reason for my vapor-less soccer years, but gave them a shot again. I have to say that these don’t hurt my feet like the vapors of 4 years ago. They are still a narrow shoe, but I’m not in extreme discomfort or anything like that. The room in the toe feels perfect, and length-wise I would stick with my traditional size, however because of the width I would consider moving up half a size. I’m not very familiar with the synthetic material and how easy it is to break in, but I couldn’t imagine it would take long. The most comfortable vapor known to my foot, pretty surprised they fit so well.

Technology: The Nike Vapor Superfly III’s are one of the most technologically advanced shoes on earth. I would be hard pressed to find another shoe that has undergone such well thought out design. The vapors are all about speed and the superfly’s are the kings of the trade. Fly-wire technology is like a suspension bridge for your foot that is not only comfortable, but offers the support with little weight. Carbon-fiber chassis is very lightweight, yet strength is not lost. Adaptive traction technology on the cleats allows for 2 studs to be either shorter or longer depending on the pressure the ground applies to the cleat Lightweight, maximum support, superior traction, the Superfly III’s are at the top of the technological food chain.

At $399.99 these soccer shoes are going to cost you a pretty penny, but will put you at an advantage on the pitch. I would recommend these to speedy forwards and wingers who need a shoe built for speed.

Written by: Mason, Play On Challenge record holder, soccerprose.com


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