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It’s been a couple weeks since the new Nike CR7 Vapors arrived, and I’ve had ample time to digest the boots. I wanted to take plenty of time to get to know the boots because the first edition was just not my style. The best I could admit to the last boots was that they were somewhat comfortable and just “didn’t look that bad” on the pitch. Well, it seems that a couple of tweaks and a new coat of paint made me a believer. They’re not as comfortable as the Maestri boots, but they aren’t supposed to be (I also think my foot has something to do with it—more on that later). Anyway, enough of my jabberin.

The structure of the boot remains largely the same as before, but I’d like to hit on a couple of my favorite parts. First, I’m so happy they did away with the lace cover. I get that it’s made for a bigger striking area, but it’s just looked awkward and made tying the laces a hassle. Even with the lace cover removal, the boot has plenty of striking area; the laces themselves are thin and light, so that takes care of any mishit issues. The cleat pattern and design is still my favorite part of the Vapors because they’re just so sturdy and offer so much traction. The cleats total 12, though they come in pairs, and they really just outline the soleplate. Normally this would cause some structural problems at the balls of the foot, but the carbon fiber soleplate handles this perfectly. I never felt unbalanced or felt as if there were any weak points on the boot while wearing a pair. Combine the cleats with the toe traction pad, and these bad boys are balanced and quick. To get back to the comfort issue, let me say that I prefer the Nike Maestri boots because I have a wider foot. The Vapors have always felt a bit narrow for my foot, especially around the arches and the balls of the feet. That said, though, if you have a narrower foot, you’ll find the shoes comfortable. They fit true to size in terms of length—I wear a size 9 normally, and a size 9 fit perfectly in length. Like I said, I have a wider foot, so the snug fit shouldn’t be taken as indicative of all feet.

Of course the look of the shoe received a minor alteration to keep in the spirit of the Vapor line, and I’m a fan of it. The black on black spots enveloping the shoe look far better than the previous versions as they have more of a subtle lustrous quality about them rather than an obnoxious “look at me!” kind of look. The instep and inner heel have a geometric electric green look that just works for me. I’m not sure I can explain it, but the design just works on your foot. Sometimes the design seems akin to a stylized chevron, but in this case that isn’t a bother. The color scheme keeps it unique and attractive.

Expect to pay around $199.99 for a pair of these boots, which isn’t really that steep of a price for the quality and style. If you treat them right, the boots will last you for some time to come. I won’t tell you that they’re the last soccer shoes you’ll ever buy, but one pair will certainly get you through a season and some extra with proper care; if performance if a big deal for you, then the Vapors should be high on the final cut list for your boot purchase.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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