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Cristiano Ronaldo is coming out with some great new Nike products and it isn’t restricted to soccer cleats anymore. He has just released his signature Nike5 Street Gato. This shoe looks great and has a good amount of flare to go along with his game. It is primarily white but has some nice accent colors to give a great overall look.

As I said above, this shoe is all white which is a nice change of pace for Nike who tend to go for bright and bold colors. Even though the main color is not bright the accents are. Around the sock liner there is a solar red color and a thin blue stripe that goes around the bottom part of the shoe. The upper is made out of durable synthetic leather so they won’t break down on you anytime soon. The inside toe-box is textured to add more bend on the ball for shots and crosses. The instep also has a lot of texture. It has a combination of triangular shapes that are raised to also help with gripping the ball. The sole of these shoes is made out of XDR rubber which is supposed to be capable of taking a beating since these are meant to be worn both outdoors and on hard indoor surfaces. Now we get to the Ronaldo portion of the shoe. The shoe laces are white with blue stripes and the tip of the shoelace has CR7 on it. Then on the heel it has a 7 pressed on in blue to give added authenticity.

To go along with the great look of these shoes, the comfort is also incredible. The leather is extremely soft and comfortable right out of the box, so I would imagine as you break them in they will only get better. The heel has cushlon support to give great stability and shock absorption. Another great thing about these shoes is the sock liner. It is extremely cushioned so it will not rub your ankles and heels while you are playing which will in turn help prevent blisters from happening. They run pretty true to size and the width also fits pretty normal. They are just an extremely comfortable shoe.

If you are looking for a casual shoe to wear with jeans or a shoe for playing an indoor game, this Street Gato is perfect. The look is top notch and the feel is even better. Also, they are probably one of the most durable indoor shoes since they are built to be used on concrete that tears shoes up. These shoes normally cost $84.99 but SoccerPro has already reduced the price to $76.49. The price is a little high, but you are getting an extremely high quality and durable shoe that you are sure to love.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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