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Normally you don’t see a whole lot of changes in international jerseys from year to year, except for maybe a stripe being tilted, added, removed, etc. or maybe a slight color change. Well, Brazil’s new 2011-2012 Away Jersey is clearly a departure from previous renditions. It’s no longer the blue of the team crest; instead, the blue has been replaced by turquoise. That’s not it, either, but I don’t want to give everything away just yet; let’s get into it, shall we?

As I said, the new jersey is a somewhat dark turquoise color that replaces the blue of previous jerseys. At first I was taken aback by the jersey because, frankly, I didn’t expect much change. I expected the same minor tweaks and updates most international jerseys receive. However, I really dig the new color. It’s certainly different, but it isn’t obnoxiously different. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say this is a signal that the guard is changing for the Brazilian squad, and what more concrete way to convey this message than new colors on the jersey? Anyway, the color isn’t the only difference in this year’s jersey. Of course you have the team crest and Nike Swoosh stitched into the chest, but just below these elements is a wide yellow band (with a mesh interior) that starts and stops on the chest. This is really it in terms of obvious stylistic design. It’s deceptively simple from far away, but once you get closer, you see that a lot of the magic resides in the fabric. For the front of the jersey, we have the usual jersey fabric of other Nike shirts that starts at the shoulder, extends to the top of the sleeves and pours over the chest, gradually getting narrower at the hips. The tops of the shoulders and the underarm are made of mesh fabric, though it’s not quite full mesh. There’s still some thickness to it. Anyway, this thicker mesh runs from the underarm down to the top of the hips, where it gives way to a full mesh fabric; this thinner mesh starts at the top of the hips, runs down to the cuff and wraps around the back. So there’s sort of a lot going on with the shirt, but in a subtle and effective way. It definitely grows on me more and more with every look.

Aside from looking cool, this shirt also fits really well. I fit a size medium with most shirts, and this is the case with the Brazil Away. It doesn’t hang in any spots, nor does it feel snug or constrictive in any fashion. All the mesh fabric is also going to keep you cooler, especially since they’re coupled with Nike DRI-fit. It seems that Nike did a superb job designing Brazil’s new look—they took some risks to be sure, but those were certainly calculated risks and have paid off nicely. Expect the jersey to cost around $80, which isn’t abnormal at all. Take care of the shirt, and it will last you for quite some time. Be sure to check it out in time for the Copa America!

Written by: Kris Dyer, metallurgy apprentice, soccerprose.com


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