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If you are looking for a quality turf shoe but have a limited budget, The Nike 5 Bomba Pro should be right up your alley.

The upper is made of natural leather with lacing down the lateral side for optimal ball-striking area. The leather material also make the shoe durable for a considerably lengthy period of time as well as quite comfortable on your feet. Foam pads along the instep also increase comfort for players and help guide the ball to exactly where the player desires the ball to go. Comfort is increased even further with¬† match after match with the die-cut EVA sock-liner adding cushion in the forefoot and heel. In short, putting on the Bomba feels like putting one’s feet in a sea of pillows (It’s a glorious feeling, if you were wondering). The shoe itself is quite light, however does sacrifice the Nike “Kanga-Lite” material used in the Bomba Finale, a relative disappointment. Considering the price difference, Nike had to make sacrifices somewhere and this is a fair compromise for a great deal on the shoe.

The bottom of the shoe is quite unique for a turf shoe but in a great way. The turf design is relatively standard on the black portions of the shoe. Superior traction and ball control come from an artificial grass TPU design and rubber placed in the midfoot. However, Nike highlights it’s best feature with its pink turf studs. The pink studs help significantly with gripping corners and navigating play in tight space. The cuts felt smooth, natural, and precise through testing . This feature is identical to the older brother of this shoe, the Nike 5 Bomba Finale.

The look of this shoe may be “plain-Jane” for some people, with only blacks and pinks used throughout the shoe. However, the shoe does sport a unique feel with it’s instep side, comparable to the predator style look and feel of the Adidas Predator X. The instep design helps increase ball control. Plus, the instep just plain looks unique and cool.¬† If you’re looking for a quality turf shoe that has excellent control and great comfort, the Nike 5 Bomba Pro will definitely fit your needs without breaking your bank account.


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