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This is Mason Morawitz again for the recap of my club soccer season, and a preview of what’s to come of my junior season at Hickman High School.

Have you ever had that feeling that you were just having the season of your life? Well that’s precisely the feeling I have coming out of my club soccer season.  I don’t think I could have scored any more goals or do any more to help my team – I was in the groove.  I tallied 23 goals in 21 games and I’m very optimistic about my upcoming season for Hickman.  With a new coach coming in that brings a very attacking style of play with him, I’m hoping to continue the way I’ve been playing and find the back of the net. 

In my early years I was a forward with my club team, then got moved into the sweeper spot about 5 years ago (I was one of the only people that could fill the position because of my speed and tenacity in the back that I posses). When I was a sweeper however I would go up top at the end of the game if we needed a goal. Last year with my high school team of course I played center mid, and was in charge of distributing the ball around the field.  This year it is likely that I will be in an attacking mid fielder spot or even one of 3 forwards, or at least I hope.  With great finishers on the top line already, I have a feeling that we will be putting a lot of balls in the back of the net.  I think it will be my job to set up the finishers and do a little of the finishing myself. Coming off a first round district loss last year to Smith Cotton High, a team that we should have beat, our team is ready try and rebound and be ready come district play. 

On July 21, I will be on my way to Springfield, MO where I will be at the Missouri State soccer camp.  In preparation for this camp and the upcoming high school soccer season I have been running just about every day and working in my back yard on touch drills to try and get ready.  I am also planning on writing a letter that I will email to the SLU assistant coach Dave Beck, letting him know I will be there and am very interested in the program at SLU.  Adam Ross, whom introduced me to the camp and will be my roommate, told me that there is kind of an all-star game. On the very last day all the best players (or at least are playing the best at the camp) get to go out on the field in the Missouri State Stadium and play in front of everyone. I am hoping I will make this team and show coach Beck and the rest of the college coaches what I can do.

Once again if anyone has any advice on how to catch the eye of a college coach or any training drills that are more interesting that running 3 miles, let me know, I need all the help I can get.


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  1. Patrick from Germany

    Hey Mason. It’s Patrick. I hope you remember me. It’s been a few years. Sorry for not writing since I went back to germany.
    I am coming to the US in summer for a practical semester. I will be working in Charlotte, NC.
    It would be great watching you playing soccer.Tell your mom hi from me.
    It would be nice hearing from you!